Colour Combo: Purple, Black & Blue!

I went op-shopping again the other day and had so much fun! It wasn't as successful as my last op-shopping expedition, but I enjoyed having a good look around! I did pick up this great purple and black bag though, which is in great condition and is nicely lined inside.  I also bought a great skirt, that I will show you soon!
Like last time, I couldn't wait to use my new bag! I decided to choose an outfit incorporating purple and black into it. I also added blue into the mix to complement the skirt.
The bag:
JAG, bought at Lifeline Superstore
The outfit: Top: Sussan Skirt: Skallyrags Shoes: Gino Ventori

The accessories:
Club Life Brooch by Erstwilder

Mojave Desert Turquoise Ring: Bought at local markets Bracelet: present from Mum from Hawaii Necklace: present from Mum from craft markets

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Colour Combo: Red & Black!

This outfit was built around my recent op-shop purchase: the red and black bag!  I love the colours and patterns of the fabric on this bag and the fact that it converts to a clutch by removing the straps!  Plus it was only $4!😉  I decided to stick with the red and black theme and chose clothes and accessories to match the bag.
The outfit: Top: Jeanswest Skirt: Skallyrags Shoes: Holster

The accessories: Bracelet: Present from Mum Ring: Bought at markets

Necklace: Present from Mum

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Colourful Cardi: Styled 3 ways!

One of the items in my wardrobe that has been getting a lot of wear lately is my hot pink/berry/red cardi!  I'm not exactly sure what colour it actually is (everyone seems to have a different idea!😉), but whatever you call it: I love it!  
It is so versatile and really can be paired with anything and everything! It is especially great to wear with sleeveless clothing (like the dress in outfit 2), as it provides coverage to my arms and makes me feel a little less exposed!😉
I also like that it adds colour to an outfit: especially when I'm wearing a black top!  It also adds texture too and a boho vibe: which I love!
Here are 3 ways I've worn this cardi recently:
Outfit 1:  Top: Sussan Cardi: Crossroads Skirt: Skallyrags Shoes: Holster

The accessories: Tree of Life Necklace: Byron Bay Gems Ring: bought in Japan Bag: present from Mum from Thailand

The earrings:
The Earring Shack Australia

Outfit 2: Dress: Crossroads Cardi: Crossroads Shoes: Chocolaticas

The accessories: Necklace…

Fabulous Florals!

As soon as I spied this bag at the Op-Shop last weekend, I knew exactly which skirt I wanted to pair it with! I've had this skirt for about ten years now and I still love it! It's fully lined and super comfy and cool.  
The shop I bought it at unfortunately no longer exists, but it was such a fabulous shop that had such a unique range of clothes and accessories with usually only one of each item, so you knew you were getting something truly special!
I was really happy with how the skirt matched the bag! I added aqua/green accessories for something different, to complement the greeny tones in the skirt and bag.  After my success last weekend, I can't wait to go op-shopping again soon!😉
The outfit: Top: Sussan Skirt: Sirocco Shoes: Gino Ventori

The accessories:
Aqua cat brooch: handmade by Dom at Tattooed Zombie
Bracelets: present from Mum
Ring: H&M
Bag (brand unknown): The Salvation Army Op-Shop

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Orange Outfit!

After doing so well on my op-shopping expedition at the weekend, I couldn't wait to wear the skirt I bought with one of the bags I picked up!  The skirt has a black background with tiny orange, yellow and white flowers all over it.  It's a nice soft and cool fabric and was only $4!  It didn't have any tags on it, but it reminds me of a skirt I wore back in the late 90s, when I was at university!
I chose to accentuate the orange flowers in the skirt by pairing it with an orange cardi on a black background and adding orange accessories.  I knew my thrifted orange/red shiny bag would be perfect with this outfit!

The outfit:
Black top: Katies
Orange cardi: Millers
Skirt (brand unknown): Salvation Army Op-Shop
Shoes: Gino Ventori

The accessories:
Necklace: Tree of Life
Ring: Rockmans
Carpe Diem Bangle: Butterfly Silver
Nine West Bag: Salvation Army Op-Shop

I really love the colour of this bag! Due to it's shiny material it can look orange or red (or both!😉) depending on the…

Printed Pants & colourful accessories: 3 outfits!

I never wore pants at all in my twenties and early thirties!  I never felt comfortable in them and much preferred wearing skirts or dresses.  If I did wear anything in the pants family, it was only dark denim jeans!
In my late thirties and now that I am into my early forties, I absolutely love wearing pants: especially brightly coloured and multi-patterned pairs.  I still prefer skirts, but find that pants are more practical (& comfy) to wear at the weekend, so I can chase after my son!😂
I love pairing black tops with brightly coloured bottoms, as the plain black is the perfect blank canvas for a brightly coloured necklace or brooch! (It also visually minimises the look of my big bust & gut!😉)
Here are 3 outfits I have worn recently that fit my style formula of:

black top + bright bottoms (pants, in this case) + colourful accessories!

Although it might sound like a pretty simple (& even boring?) formula, the thing I like most is that I can add lots of accessories to ensu…