Styling a tribal print top

This top was a great (and cheap) find from H&M last year. Usually when I wear this top I just pair it with black pants or jeans, without thinking too much about accessories. After looking through my accessories, it turns out I have a few nice items to match this top nicely!

The top:


The bottom:


The necklace:


The earrings:


The ring:


The bangle:


The bag:

Just Jeans with key ring from Kmart

"What am I going to wear tomorrow??!!"

Different styles Free Vector

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Thank you for visiting!  See you tomorrow!


  1. You have chosen wisely the accessories to go with this outfit. Well done. I look forward to tomorrows stylish outfit. The use of accessories can really liven up an outfit and with different variations, can indeed make an outfit multi purpose.

  2. Thank you! Accessories really do bring an outfit to life, don't they?! Xxx

  3. The yellow looks great! I've always thought I couldn't wear yellow as it doesn't suit my complexion, but now I feel like I can add it with accessories! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you! I always avoided yellow too for the same reason but lately I'm really loving yellow accessories!


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