Colour Combo: Red, White & Black

Hello Blog Friends!  Hope you're well.

As you know,  I love trying out new colour combinations and putting different outfits together.  I have worn red, white and black before, but not for ages.  What inspired me to create some new outfits with this colour combo, were the new earrings I bought recently (pictured in outfit 2).  As soon as I saw them, I thought, "I really should wear those colours more often!"
So, without further ado, here is me wearing those colours more often!!😂

Outfit 1: Top: Rockmans Pants: bought at pop-up shop Shoes: Holster
I bought these wide-legged pants the other day from a pop-up shop in a nearby shopping centre.  They are so comfy and I love the colours!  They will be perfect for summer because they a very light and airy.

I couldn't resist putting one of these beautiful lillies in my hair!  The only bloom at this time of year for a very short time, so I like to make the most of them!

Ring & Bangles: Diva Bag: thrifted

Outfit 2: Top: Kma…

Eclectic September!

Hi Blog Mates!  I have missed you!  September has been a completely frantic and chaotic month, which unfortunately has meant my blog has had to take a back seat lately.  I apologise for being so behind with my comments on your blogs too!  I asked Amber to do that for me, but she said she was too busy sleeping and being beautiful!😹
Anyway, on to the outfits!  I had planned on spreading out the below outfits across a few different posts, but now that the end of the month has come, I thought I'd put them together into one eclectic mix of colours and styles!  
Outfit 1: Top: Kmart Pants: Rockmans
Shoes: Rivers
Necklace: Millers
Mum bought me this gorgeous bangle in the UK last year and a few weeks ago I found earrings that match perfectly at my local Lovisa store! Yay! 
Ring: Diva Bag: Reaction by Kenneth Cole

Outfit 2: Top: H&M Skirt: Big W
Shoes: Habana Carmine Chocolaticas by HCD
Necklace: thrifted
Ring: Diva Bag: bought in Japan

Outfit 3: Top: Big W Skirt: Big W Shoes: Rivers

Florals & Spots!

I love floral prints and prints with spots, so imagine my delight when I came across these pants last year!  I have worn them so much since I bought them and enjoy styling them in different ways each time!  I love that they've already done the print mixing for me and really go with almost any top! 
In the first outfit, I chose to pair them with my embellished green top.  I accessorised with my beautiful tree of life motif ring and earrings and my new spotty sunglasses!  I also wore my khaki studded shoes that I haven't worn in ages and my gorgeous Indian bag.  
In the second outfit, I chose to go totally spotty by wearing my silver foil spot print top!  To balance out all the spots, I accessorised with my fabulous flower and bee patterned bag and floral earrings.  I finished off this outfit with my studded shoes, that resemble spots, just to keep the theme going!   
Outfit 1: Top: Rockmans Cardi: Kmart Pants: Rockmans

Bag: bought at markets
Shoes: Sportsgirl

Outfit 2: Top: Suss…

Foxes & Owls!

I love animal motifs on clothing and accessories.  I have a few items of clothing with animals on them, but mostly I have animals in the form of fun accessories!  Necklaces, rings, brooches, scarves, bags and shoes!  You name it, I've most likely got an animal on it!😊
Since I started blogging two years ago, I've featured many of my fave animals in accessory form, but today I thought I would feature two of my all-time faves: foxes and owls!  Of course, Amber was not at all impressed that I didn't choose to do another kitty accessory feature!  Doesn't she realise by now that she is the kitty accessory feature??😹

In the first outfit, I have featured my gorgeous fox brooch, Mr Oscar Wildenfox!!  I actually built the entire outfit around him!  I knew I wanted to wear orange, and I love orange and blue together, so I chose the skirt out of my wardrobe and continued to construct this outfit!  I added some rose gold accessories, rose gold shoes and my wonderful thrifted mul…