Lady in Red!

Hi Blog Friends!  How are you?  I hope you're happy and healthy.  It really is a weird state of limbo at the moment, isn't it?  On the one hand, the schools are open, so life almost feels like things are returning to normal, but on the other hand, my work hasn't re-opened yet due to covid-19 health concerns!  There are some businesses and members of the public that seem to be enacting strict social distancing practices and others seem not to care at all!  It is such a confusing time!  At least during these unstable times, there is always fashion!  Being creative and wearing bright and colourful outfits, adds joy to my day.  It is something that we have control over and something that can bring us comfort in a weary world.  
Red has been the colour I've worn quite a lot of recently.  Red symbolizes strength, determination, passion and love.  It is the perfect colour for these times!  Here are two red outfits I've worn very recently.  Hope you love them!💓💓

Outfit 1: T…

Flashback Friday #5: Brooches!

Happy Friday Blog Friends!  Hope you have all had a great week.  For today's Flashback Friday, I thought I would share my favourite brooches and how I have worn them previously on the blog.  I developed a love for brooches a couple of years ago, when I discovered Erstwilder.  My brooch collection has grown (considerably!) over the past few years and I love the quirkiness that a fun brooch adds to an outfit.  Brooches can really elevate an outfit and are a great talking point. 
I hope you enjoy the visual treat of these gorgeous brooches!

Brooch 1: Bubblegum Pop Princess Harajuku Girl by Erstwilder

Brooch 2: Sussan Jane Jewellery

Brooch 3: Sussan Jane Jewellery

Brooch 4: Olive Owl by Erstwilder

Brooch 5: Sammy the Smart Sloth by Erstwilder

Brooch 6: Flamboyant Flamingo by Erstwilder

Brooch 7: Leo the Leader Brooch by Erstwilder

Brooch 8: Oscar Wildenfox by Erstwilder

Flashback Friday #4: Feline Fashion!

Happy Friday Blog Friends!  I hope you have had a happy and healthy week.  For today's Flashback Friday, I thought I would do a post on our favourite feline fashionista, Amber!  I hope you enjoy this gorgeous collection of my darling girl, Amber!  This post will definitely put a smile on your dial, if you've had a tough week.  Enjoy!