Fun Winter Tees

In a recent (and long overdue!) audit of my wardrobe, I realised I was rather lacking in the long sleeved tee department!  With Brisbane winter temperatures fluctuating between jumper/jacket weather to cardigan/tee weather from week to week (or sometimes day to day!), a long sleeved tee seems to be a sensible compromise! So with this mission in mind, I went on a search for some long sleeved tees!  I was happy to find these two cheap and cheerful ones!  
These two tees have a warm lining and are the perfect tops for that in-between weather.  They can also be layered if the weather takes an unexpected turn!  The other thing I like about tops like these, is once they start to get a bit of wear and tear, they are great to wear as pajama tops or doing chores around the house!  
Outfit 1: Tee: Best & Less Skirt: Millers
Earrings: Lovisa
Ring: Diva Bag: Rockmans
Habana Carmine Chocolaticas by HCD

Outfit 2: Tee: Best & Less Skirt: Tasa Jara Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Lovisa
Ring: Chakra …

Styling an Orange Paisley Kimono

I've had this kimono for a few years now and it is such a vibrant and fun piece to wear.  It's also so versatile and can be worn over a dress, with a tee and jeans or paired with a skirt.  It's also perfect for days when you're not sure what to wear: throw on a tee and a pair of jeans and then add the kimono for an instant dash of colour and fun!  It comes as no surprise then when I tell you that my fave way to wear this kimono is with jeans and a tee!  I like having a fairly neutral base so then I can add lots of colourful accessories!  

The Outfit: Top: Sussan Kimono: Boohoo Jeans: Suzanne Grae Shoes: Rivers
Necklace: Rockmans
Earrings: Lovisa
Ring: Rockmans Bag: thrifted
How funny is this bag I recently thrifted!  As soon as I saw it I laughed so much because cat hair on my clothes is a daily occurrence for me!  No matter how often I vacuum the house and brush Amber, there always manages to be cat hair on my clothes!  
Actually, a funny thing happened the other day …

Are you a Style Chameleon?

This chameleon top is one of my absolute favourites!  I love the quirky and fun print and how versatile it is.  Just like a real chameleon, it really does go with everything and adapts to being paired with jeans, skirts and patterned pants with ease!  Earlier this week, I paired it with this khaki skirt for the first time.  It really does complement a neutral or colourful bottom because it is such a statement piece!  Wearing this top got me thinking about chameleons and style in general and then prompted me to ponder whether or not I am a style chameleon or someone who sticks with the same style over time?
So what exactly is a Style Chameleon?  The first person to come to mind has to be Madonna, right?!  In her extensive career, she has experimented with every possible style and trend!  

Photo Credit
When thinking about fashion models, I immediately think of Linda Evangelista.  She 
was known as a "chameleon of fashion" because of her ever-changing style and appearance.  She …

Beauty Blog #1: Flower Beauty

I thought I might try something new and occasionally do a beauty product post!  I don't wear a lot of make-up or use a lot of different products, but when I discover something I love, much like my outfits and accessories, I want to share them with you!   (These posts, like my outfit posts, are not sponsored)
For my first beauty post, I thought I'd talk about Flower Beauty.  Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty brand finally arrived in Australia earlier this year and is available at Chemist Warehouse.  Being a big Drew fan, I've known about Flower Beauty for many years now and every time my Mum has visited the USA, I have sent her on a mission to buy some products for me!  On her last trip, she wasn't able to find any cosmetics, but she found perfume!  I was so excited to receive it and have used it sparingly since!  The perfumes haven't come to Australia yet, so it is especially appreciated! Thanks Mum! 

Since Flower Beauty launched here, I have bought a few product…

Winter Brights

Well, winter has arrived in Brisbane!  This week we had a few cold and windy days, so it was definitely time to get out the jeans and jumpers!  I have lots of cardigans and jackets, but not many jumpers.  On windy days, nothing beats a jumper to keep the cold out.  There are lots of colourful and fun chunky knits around at the moment, so the other day I spied this one and bought it.  It was originally $60 and was reduced to $20, which was a great deal.  I love the colours and the zipper detailing.  I also love that it's bright and fun, which is a nice alternative to all the greys and black around at this time of year! 
Outfit 1: Jumper: Rockmans Jeans: Suzanne Grae

Frida Cat Brooch: Blossom and Cat I thought Frida the Cat would be the purrfect accessory for this jumper.  Isn't she sweet?
Earrings: Lovisa These earrings are a new purchase.  I love the colours and style and I think they complement this jumper nicely! 
Ring: Chakra  Bag: Colette Hayman This was my go-to bag over …

Autumn Assortment

I really can't believe we have come to the end of autumn and winter is about to start!  The weather cooled down dramatically a few days ago courtesy of an Antarctic air blast moving a series of cold fronts across Australia.  Luckily for us here in Brisbane, it never really gets too cold, as we do have a subtropical climate.  The cold snap has brought over night temps of 6°C though, which is pretty cold for subtropical!  No swimming at the beach in this weather, that's for sure!  I really do love this time of year though, especially after the sweltering summer.  During the day the temp gets to around 20°C and when it's a sunny day, it is glorious!  The perfect time to go for a walk and soak up some sunshine! 
So before winter officially starts, I thought I'd share some of my autumnal outfits that I never got around to sharing with you!  The next time I post I'll be getting out the winter wear!  
How is the weather where you are?  Are you experiencing the cold going …