Ahoy Sailor!

Long time, no sea!  Sorry, I couldn't resist starting with a pun, but I promise I'll try to keep them to a minimum!  It really has been a long time since I've published a post though!  Life has been busy, I've been unwell and just when I was about to publish a post the other night, the power went out for 7 hours!  Grr! 
Anyway, I'm here now.  Better late than never, right?!  I apologise for not visiting your blogs or replying to comments.  I promise I will catch up soon! 
I decided to call this post Ahoy Sailor, as I recently welcomed another pair of shoes to my collection called Sailor!  I'd had my eye on these shoes for quite sometime and when I saw they had finally gone on sale, I couldn't resist!  Like all HCD shoes, they are fun and quirky and extremely comfortable.  I really can walk all day in them, which is no mean feat (feet!) with my old flat feet, that's for sure! ;)
Outfit 1: Tank Top: Rockmans Crochet Cardi: Katies Skirt: Katies
This was th…

All The Colours Of The Rainbow!

Some days I wake up with a certain colour or style in mind, which makes putting an outfit together easy and stress-free.  So, what do you do when you wake up with no idea what colour you want to wear?  Easy, you wear them all of course!!
I love playing around with different colours and prints and creating new combinations out of well-worn favourites and new purchases alike.  It's so fun to create new looks from existing pieces, as it makes you realise how much you already have and how versatile pieces can be, with a little creativity and imagination!  Blogging really does encourage me to play around with what I have and make the most of everything I own.  You are never too old to play dress-up, right?! 
My outfit is a mix of my favourite colours and pieces all worn together in a vibrant outfit featuring (almost) all the colours of the rainbow!  This kimono is such a gorgeous and versatile piece that I wear as much as I can!  I paired it with my trusty violet skirt, which is also …

Bag Inspired Outfits!

As you know by now, I absolutely love accessories!  Shoes, jewellery and bags! They are my top three! Nothing makes an outfit more unique and fun to wear than the addition of some quirky and cool accessories!  
When I am having one of those mornings staring into my wardrobe thinking that I have absolutely nothing to wear, I turn to my accessories for inspiration!  The colours, patterns and styles of my fave accessories never fail to provide the necessary inspiration to create new outfits from my exisiting wardrobe.  
Today I thought I'd share some of my recently worn outfits that all have one thing in common.  They were all inspired by fun and colourful bags!  

The Bag: Colette Hayman This bag is a recent purchase that I bought on sale.  I just had to get it, as I do have a bit of a thing for cherries!  I have a cherry necklace, earrings and shoes, so I was definitely overdue for a cherry bag!  I love this one!  I decided to take direct inspiration from this bag by wearing block c…

Burgundy & Beads!

Can you believe it is almost the end of February?  I am still getting used to it being 2019, and the second month is already almost over!  This is my last week to get everything sorted out before my postgraduate studies resume again next week.  I haven't even ordered my textbooks yet!  I really need to get organised!  
In the outfit I'm sharing today, I'm wearing one of my fave maxi skirts that I've had for many, many years!  I've worn it with many different coloured tops over the years, but this was the first time wearing my new burgundy coloured top.  I love the burgundy and wine colours that are around at the moment.  They're so pretty!

The outfit: Top: H & M Skirt: Tree of Life Sandals: Gino Ventori

Necklace: Diva
I've had these beads for so many years now, but I never tire of wearing them!  They add a bit of colour and cheer to every outfit.  
Bag: Marikai
This bag is a new purchase.  I had been on the look out for a slouchy tan bag and I spied thi…

Chambray Chic!

As the heatwave continues, so does the need for easy, cool and casual clothing!  On hot days, it really is about cool and comfy dressing, with some fun accessories of course!  This chambray skirt is a recent purchase and has been a frequently worn garment in the last few weeks!  It's such a light fabric and is so comfy to wear.  It is so versatile and makes getting ready in the morning so easy, as I only have to grab a printed top and go!  Perfect for when the heat is so bad and your ability to make decisions is impaired! Ha! 
I've only recently started liking chambray and lighter variations of denim.  I've usually gravitated towards the darker denim, but in this weather I really couldn't stand to wear anything darker or thicker! Plus, it's always fun to try new styles and colours and outfit combinations.  Here are two ways I've worn my chambray skirt recently:

Outfit 1: Top: H&M Skirt: W. Lane
Ring: bought in Japan Bag: bought in China
Shoes: Honey Chocola…