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Mixed-Print Top, Khaki Skirt & Thrifted Bag!

I bought this top on sale the other day and was excited to wear it!  I wasn't sure what to wear it with for the first time, but I decided to pair it with this khaki skirt that I've had for about 10 years. 
I chose bright accessories to match the colours from the top and I used my recently thrifted dark green bag for the first time!  It's a great bag and fits lots inside it!  I bought it with the tags still on it, so it was a great deal for $10.
My watch is new (thanks Mum!).  I love the colour and the band has little flowers and butterflies on it.  So pretty!
The outfit: Top: Crossroads Skirt: Target Shoes: Holster

The accessories: Bag: Envy (bought at Op-Shop)

Necklace: Bought at local markets Earrings: Sussan Ring: Lovisa Watch: AVON (present from Mum)

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Chevron Maxi Skirt: Styled 3 Ways!

This summer I have been getting a lot of wear out of my maxi skirts!  This chevron print one was bought a few years ago and this season has been the first time for me to wear it.  It has pockets and is very comfortable, so I will definitely be wearing it lots from now on.
Here are 3 ways I've worn it recently!

Outfit 1: Top: Sportsgirl Skirt: Just Jeans Shoes: Holster Bag: GUESS Silver Bangle: Present from Mum Silver Ring: Bought at local markets

Outfit 2: Top: Sussan Skirt: Just Jeans Shoes: Gino Ventori Bag: Daiso Necklace: Rockmans Ring: Lovisa Bracelet: Present from Mum

Outfit 3: Top: Sussan Cardi: Millers Skirt: Just Jeans Shoes: Rivers Bag: Rockmans Necklace: Lovisa Bracelet: Present from Mum

I think I like the second outfit the best, because I love my new black and white necklace!  You know's all about the accessories! ;) Which outfit do you like the best?  Let me know!  I'd love to hear from you!

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Australia Day Dress!

Yesterday was Australia Day and I've been enjoying a nice and relaxing weekend.  It was a really hot day yesterday (as is today!😉), so I chose to wear my new dress, that just happens to be in the colours of the Aussie flag!
I never wear sleeveless tops or dresses, because I don't like to show my jiggly bare arms, but it was soooo hot that I figured, who cares?!😉I actually really like this dress and it was so nice and cool and comfy.  
The outfit: Dress: Autograph Shoes: Birkenstock

The bag: Banned Apparel
How cool is this bag?!  I love it so much!  I bought it in the Boxing Day sales!

 Necklace: Hot Lips Shoes Ring: Lovisa

We made Damper in the afternoon and it was delicious!  My seven year old had a great time kneading the dough! 

We also ate Lamington Fingers, which were also yummy, but store bought, so not as good as our Damper!😉

Lamington Fingers

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Wardrobe Discoveries!

This is the maiden voyage for this outfit!😉  After a close inspection of the contents of my wardrobe, I discovered this top and skirt!  I can't believe I have never worn this top or skirt before!  It is also the first time to wear this gorgeous necklace and ring set Mum bought me last year!  I thought it was time these clothes and accessories finally saw the light of day, so a new outfit was born!😉
I've had the top for about a year I think and I love the design.  It reminds me of a mosaic but in the shape of a sailboat steering wheel!  It was good to finally wear it!
This skirt is about two years old and I can't believe I hadn't worn it until now!  I bought it because I thought it would be a great neutral and it has a really nice soft fabric.  It was actually really comfy to wear too, so I'll definitely be wearing it again soon!  
It was fun putting together a completely new outfit from the contents of my wardrobe!  I vow to never let an item of clothing go unno…

Black & Gold & New Yellow Bag!

I've been really into the colour yellow lately and have recently bought a variety of yellow accessories: earrings, rings, necklaces and shoes!  I realised that there was a gap in my accessory collection: no yellow bag!
The other day I filled that gap by buying a yellow bag on sale! I absolutely love the colour and it makes me feel happy to carry around such a bright and cheerful bag all day!  I decided to go with a black and gold theme with my dress and other accessories.

The outfit: Dress: Mix Clothing Shoes: Gino Ventori

The accessories: Ring & Bracelet: Lovisa Bag: Marikai

I love the spotty lining!

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Khaki Maxi Skirt: Styled 3 Ways!

The skirt:

It has been so hot and humid here lately, so I've been wearing lots of floaty and breezy skirts!  One that I've been getting a lot of wear out of is this khaki maxi skirt.  
Here are 3 ways I've worn it recently:

Outfit 1 Top: Sussan Shoes: Birkenstock

The accessories:

Snow Capped Splendour Brooch by Erstwilder Tokyo Bag: Robin Ruth Cuff (brand unknown): Op-shop Silver ring: Bought at markets

Outfit 2
Top: Tree of Life
Shoes: H&M

The accessories: Necklace: Bought at markets Bracelet: Present from Mum
Ring: Bought at markets
Bag: Rockmans

Outfit 3
Top: Rockmans
Shoes: Rivers

The accessories: Necklace & Ring: Lovisa Bracelet: Rockmans Bag: Present from Mum (Cambodia)

Which outfit do you like the best?  Let me know!  I'd love to hear from you!

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