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September Style File

I know I say this every month, but can you believe another month has passed?  Time really seems to be moving quickly this year!  Somebody at the shops today asked me what my plans for Christmas are!  Christmas?  I guess it's not that far away after all!  Anyway, back to the month of September.  Here are my top ten favourite outfits for September.
Outfit 1 See original post here.
Outfit 2 See original post here.
Outfit 3 See original post here.
Outfit 4 See original post here.
Outfit 5 See original post here.
Outfit 6 See original post here.
Outfit 7 See original post here.
Outfit 8 See original post here.
Outfit 9 See original post here.
Outfit 10 See original post here.

Which outfit do you like the best?  Let me know!  I'd love to hear from you!  
I think my favourite outfit for September is outfit 4.  I really like the colours and prints and enjoyed wearing it.  Looking back over the month's outfits, I'm happy to see so much colour!  It seems that blue must have been my go-to …

Thrifting Thursday!

Until yesterday, it had been absolutely ages since I'd last been to an op-shop/thrift store!  The last time I went to my local stores, it was highly unsuccessful and I came away empty handed.  Yesterday I was in a different part of town, so I decided to check out the big Lifeline store there.  It was a huge store with lots to check out.  I had forgotten how much fun it can be rummaging through the racks looking for treasure!  
This time I had success!  I bought the pretty paisley skirt I wore today (below) for $7, several beaded necklaces and two cuffs.  I was very happy to come away with some vibrant and fun accessories.  It was so much fun doing some spontaneous shopping yesterday, that I suspect this weekend I will be seeking out more op-shops around town!  The outfit: Top: Sussan Skirt: W Lane (thrifted) Shoes: Tie dye Chocolaticas by Hot Chocolate Design
Bangle: present from Mum (Scotland) Bag: Rockmans How cool is the bangle above that Mum bought me recently?  There are litt…

Boho in Blue!

I recently bought a couple of new plain but brightly coloured t-shirts.  In my last post, I wore my new raspberry fizz top and in this post I'm wearing my new azure blue top.  Such fancy names for plain cotton tees!😂.  
In the first outfit, I chose to pair the tee with an orange and blue boho style skirt.  I love the combination of orange and blue.  As luck would have it, the day I bought this top there was a pop-up store at my local shops selling the orange necklace below!  I knew it would be the perfect match for the orange in the skirt below!  You gotta love the feeling of stumbling across the perfect accessory, right?  Especially when it only cost $5!😉
Outfit 1: Top: Katies Skirt: Suzanne Grae Shoes: Hippie Chocolaticas by Hot Chocolate Design
Necklace: bought at pop-up store
Ring & Bracelet: Lovisa Bag: Rockmans

In the second outfit, I chose to wear the boho style pants I'd bought previously at another pop-up store!  These pants are so comfortable and I just love th…

Raspberry Fizz & Electric Blue with a cherry on top!

Don't you love the names of colours given to items of clothing?  The colour of this top is raspberry fizz and the skirt is called electric blue!  How fabulous, right?!  This was my first time to pair this top and skirt together.  I love the vibrancy of the top and skirt individually, so I knew that pairing them together would make a very vivid and vibrant outfit!  I don't often put together two solid colours to make an outfit.  I never really embraced the whole colour blocking trend.  I usually prefer to pair a print with a solid colour, but it was fun to pair these brights together for a change.  That's what fashion is all about, right?
Outfit 1: Top: Katies Skirt: Sussan
Ring: Madame Butterfly Bangle: present from Mum Bag: Banned Apparel
Necklace: Rockmans
Tie Dye Chocolaticas by Hot Chocolate Design

I loved this skirt so much, that I wore it a second time this week.  This time I chose to wear it with a cherry print top.  You know how much I like things to match, so I co…

Orange Ombre Skirt Styled 6 Ways

When I bought this skirt earlier this year, I had no idea how much wear I would get out of it!  It is surprisingly versatile and I love how floaty and comfy it is!  There is something so fun about wearing orange.  It is such a vibrant and happy colour and really matches with lots of other colours and prints.
In the last few weeks, I have worn this skirt several times.  The first two outfits haven't been seen on the blog yet, and the other four have.  It's so fun creating new outfits with this gorgeous skirt!  The combinations really are endless.  I expect to get a lot more wear out of this skirt in the next few months as the weather warms up.
Outfit 1: Top: Crossroads Skirt: Tasa Jara Shoes: Rivers
 Ring: H & M Bangle: House of Harlow 1960 Bag: Rockmans

Outfit 2: Top: Sussan Skirt: Tasa Jara Shoes: H & M Necklace: Equip
 Ring: Goldmark Bangle: Diva Bag: Madame Butterfly

Here are other ways I've worn this skirt on the blog:
Outfit 3: See original post here.
Outfit 4: S…