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My Fave: Rings! Which is your fave?

1) Anchor ring: Madame Butterfly.
Rings are probably my favourite accessory of all time! Although I probably said that about necklaces and bags too!πŸ˜‰I love chunky, cute and quirky rings and have soooo many in my collection! I love to wear a different ring every day, so I much prefer to have dozens of fun (cheap😜) rings than a few very expensive ones! I think rings are a really fun and easy way to add some colour and character to any outfit.
I couldn't even begin to narrow my favourites down to 5, so here's my top 10! (in no particular order!)

2) Bird ring: Equip.

3) Pressed flower ring: Lovisa.

 4) Flower bouquet ring: Lovisa.

 5) Jaguar ring: Lovisa.

 6) Owl ring: Bought in Japan.

7) Cat ring: Present from mum.

 8) Butterfly ring: Present from mum.

 9) Fox ring: Bought at markets.

10) Cherry Blossom Ring set: Bought in Japan.

And the winner is...... I genuinely don't know this time! I can't choose! Which is your fave? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you!


Peace, Love & Cats!

Instant Karma Brooch by Erstwilder
I love John Lennon. I love cats. I love brooches! So, imagine (pun intended) my delight when I recently discovered this brooch! For my first time wearing this brooch I decided to add it to my necklace instead of wearing it as a brooch. 
The outfit: Top: Sussan Skirt: Crossroads Shoes: Gino Ventori

The accessories: Necklace: Autograph Bracelet & ring: Lovisa Bag: I bought this bag about 20 years ago, so I guess I can call it vintage now!πŸ˜‰

I'm finally having my hernia repair surgery tomorrow so I'll probably be out of action for a little while. Catch you soon!

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Blue, red & Amber!

I've only started wearing "short" skirts in recent times, as I've always preferred long and flowy maxi skirts. When I say "short" I don't mean a mini skirt, I mean anything shorter than to the ground!πŸ˜‚

I wasn't sure about pencil skirts (on me) at first, but surprisingly they are quite flattering! They do feel super short on me when I've been used to maxi skirts, but I realise they aren't that short and showing some leg isn't so bad after all!πŸ˜‰

The outfit: Top: Suzanne Grae Cardi: Mix Skirt: Rockmans Shoes: Chocolaticas

The accessories: Bag: Rockmans Bangle: Sportsgirl Ring: Madame Butterfly

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"Don't you have to be skinny to be a fashion blogger?"

This is not me! Created by Senivpetro -
I recently bumped into a former class mate of mine from university. I hadn't seen her in sooo many years, so we caught up on each other's lives with the usual exchange of info regarding career, marriage and kids. Then I happened to mention that I'd recently started a fashion blog as a hobby: just for fun!
Her reply was, "Don't you have to be skinny to be a fashion blogger?" I was a bit stunned and didn't answer immediately. "Oh, so you're a plus size blogger" she said. "Umm, I guess...I just like clothes and accessories and connecting with people from all around the world", I meekly replied.
This is not me! Created by Javi_indy -
Later, it got me thinking....and it made me mad 😠. I am not a model. I am not trying to be a model. I just happen to like clothes and accessories and looking at other people's clothes and accessories! I also like connecting with people f…

Yellow and grey & skirt from Byron Bay!

Today I wore my new skirt from Byron Bay for the first time with success! "Success" means the skirt was comfortable, fit well and I enjoyed wearing it!

Wearing a unique skirt like this, that can only be bought at one store (Skallyrags, Byron Bay) is a great feeling. I know that it's unlikely that I will see anyone at my local shops wearing the same thing!! That is actually something that I dread.

I remember way back in 2001 when I was in London, I walked into the entrance of a hotel to go and check-in and I saw another Aussie woman wearing the same top as me! I promptly turned around, dragged my suitcase and left immediately! All to avoid running into someone wearing the same top!! I remember waiting in a nearby park for ages, until the "coast was clear"!!

Although I still have a bit of a "thing" about not wanting to come face to face with someone wearing the same thing as me, I think I'd just laugh if it happened now, rather than hide!! Or I'…

My Fave 5: Bags! Which is your fave?

I have so many pretty and colourful bags, so choosing my fave 5 was not easy! My favourites change all the time, so I guess I should specify by saying that these are my fave 5 at this point in time!  Here they are (in no particular order): 

1) Cat patterned bag, Lily Bloom.

I love this kitty cat bag! I especially love that it's made from recycled plastic! I love the colours in this bag and the fact that it has lots of different compartments for all my junk!πŸ˜‰

2) Tokyo print bag, Robin Ruth.

It was love at first sight when I spied this bag at the last-chance-before-boarding-the-plane-shop at Narita Airport!! I had to line up for ages to buy this bag-but it was worth it!

3) Purple bag, Guess.

Purple is my favourite colour so I was very excited to get this bag as a present from mum! I particularly love the flower and stud detailing on the front of this bag.
4) Red tassel bag, Rockmans.

Nothing beats a good red bag! This bag is my fave shade of red and I love the tassel and metal detail…