Byron Bay: Part one!

My outfit details:
Tiger top: Sportsgirl
Black skirt: Target
Shoes: Papillio by Birkenstock
Cat patterned bag: Lily Bloom
Hat: Target

Have you ever spontaneously decided to just get away from it all?  I used to do that quite often b.h.a.c. (before husband and child!!😜).  I certainly have not been spontaneous in recent times, that's for sure!

I was scheduled to have surgery to repair a hernia on Thursday, but due to my lingering cold and it's charming effects on my respiratory system, was deemed unfit for surgery!  Not wanting to waste the opportunity to do something fun on the days that had already been approved as annual leave, I decided to go to Byron Bay on a whim!

I booked the accommodation and then announced to my husband and child that we were all off to Byron Bay!!  I think their first response was "Aren't you too sick?"  My answer was "Too sick for surgery: yes! Too sick to sit on the beach, relax and eat ice cream: no!"

Byron Bay is one of my fave places to visit in the whole wide world! It has beautiful beaches, great local markets and lots of creative artists and musicians. Plus the food is amazing and the shopping for boho style clothing is fantastic! I am a (wannabe) hippie at heart!😉

There is some amazing wall art around the town centre.

It has such a great relaxed vibe there and there really is something for everyone!  Shopping for me, food for the husband and building sandcastles on the beach for the kid!😉

We were only away for one night, but I really felt much better (physically and mentally) after spending two (almost) full days away from home! The sea air did wonders for my cold and it was so nice to feel the sand between my toes and the wind in my hair.

This is what I imagine Amber would have been doing if she had come to Byron with us!😻
Created by Ddraw -

My next post will feature all of the great clothes and accessories I bought in Byron Bay! Stay tuned!😉

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX


  1. What a great idea for a physical and mental getaway! Good for you! I had hernia surgery about 10 years ago - mine was a femoral hernia, rare for women. Good luck with yours!

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila! It will be good to finally get the surgery over and done with soon! XXX

  2. The on the spur holidays always seem so much more fun than planned events. You certainly chose an artists paradise as I love the wall paintings. I look forward to Part 2!! Also best wishes for your operation. However, I don't see any actual photos of Amber at the beach with you so I'm assuming she was left to take care of your home!!.

    1. Thanks so much, Fererra! Amber was excited to see what I bought while I was away. She was keen to start modelling again as soon as I got home! Haha XXX


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