Chambray Chic!

As the heatwave continues, so does the need for easy, cool and casual clothing!  On hot days, it really is about cool and comfy dressing, with some fun accessories of course!  This chambray skirt is a recent purchase and has been a frequently worn garment in the last few weeks!  It's such a light fabric and is so comfy to wear.  It is so versatile and makes getting ready in the morning so easy, as I only have to grab a printed top and go!  Perfect for when the heat is so bad and your ability to make decisions is impaired! Ha! 
I've only recently started liking chambray and lighter variations of denim.  I've usually gravitated towards the darker denim, but in this weather I really couldn't stand to wear anything darker or thicker! Plus, it's always fun to try new styles and colours and outfit combinations.  Here are two ways I've worn my chambray skirt recently:

Outfit 1: Top: H&M Skirt: W. Lane
Ring: bought in Japan Bag: bought in China
Shoes: Honey Chocola…

Orange & Blue & Op-shop Treasures!

Orange is such a fun and vibrant colour and has become one of my favourite colours to wear in the last few years.  It's such a happy colour and it is a great colour to wear in summer!  Orange looks great paired with lots of different colours, but orange and blue would have to be one of my all-time favourite colour combinations.
I've had this skirt for many, many years and it is such a bright and fun print.  This top is quite new and is very orange in real life, even though it looks more red in the photos.  I completed the outfit with a mix of orange and blue accessories.  Speaking of accessories, my bag is a recent purchase from a day out op-shopping!  It still had all of its original tags on and was in pristine condition!  It's original price tag showed $49.95 and I got it for $10!  Such a great find!  
The Outfit: Top: Sussan Skirt: Rockmans
Earrings: Susan Jane Jewellery
Shoes: Hippie Chocolaticas by Hot Chocolate Design
Ring: Lovisa Prayer bead bracelet: bought in Japa…

Shades of Pink, Purple, Blue & Green

There's not really a single colour that I don't like or wouldn't wear!  Since I started blogging in 2017, my love of colour has grown and my appreciation of wearing different colour combinations has broadened, as I am continually inspired by other bloggers.  Blogging has really encouraged me to have more fun with fashion and to discover my own style.  I love playing around with different patterns and colours and making them my own.  I could never imagine just wearing something because it is on trend, if it didn't feel like me.  
As much as I love trying new colour combinations, it is also fun wearing my all-time favourite colours.  I just love all shades of pink, purple, blue and green, so when I saw this dress the other day on sale, I knew it was coming home with me!  In the same store, I spied the beautiful beaded necklace below and knew they would be a perfect match!  You know I'm a sucker for colourful beads! Haha!
Outfit 1: Dress: Rockmans Cardi: Millers Shoes…

Fun & Quirky Shoes!

I was at a lecture in May 2017, sitting in the front row waiting for the speaker to arrive.  Everyone was sitting in silence and waiting in anticipation for the lecture to begin.  None of us knew each other or what the speaker looked like.  It was a tense vibe with everyone not quite sure what to expect.  Then suddenly, in burst a young female professor wearing these:
(Photo from Hot Chocolate Design Website, which you can check out here.)
From that moment on, I forgot all about the lecturer and what she was saying and just spent the next few hours wondering where she had bought those fabulous shoes!  At the end of the lecture she asked if we had any questions.  A few people asked some intelligent questions and I sat in silence thinking, I need to know where she got those shoes, but it's probably not the time to ask.  At the end of the lecture as she was packing up her materials, I went up and said, "I just have one more question....where did you get those gorgeous shoes?&qu…

Summer Days: 5 Outfits!

Hi Blog Buddies!  I hope you've had a great week!  I've been without the internet for an entire week and have literally and figuratively felt so disconnected from the world!  I've missed you guys!  Bear with me while I catch up on your blog posts! 
Last week I had planned to do another 2 posts, but was obviously unable to.  So now that the internet is working again, I've decided to combine them and include 5 new different colourful outfits in this one mega post! 
Outfit 1:  Dress: Crossroads Kimono: Woven Heart Sandals: Holster
I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when we visited the aquarium.  I dressed for the occasion by wearing different shades of blue and accessorising with my jellyfish earrings!  I love these earrings!  They are just so fun to wear!
Ring: bought in Japan Bracelets: Lovisa Bag: thrifted
Jellyfish Earrings: Tattooed Zombie

Outfit 2: Tank top: Rockmans Crochet Cardi: Millers Skirt: Crossroads Sandals: Holster
I've owned this skirt for many years an…