Statement Necklaces

I'm still waiting for my phone to be repaired, so no new photos just yet!  Instead I thought I would take a look into my photo archives and do a post about my favourite statement necklaces.  I love all accessories, but I really think nothing beats a statement necklace!  
A statement necklace can really add colour and character to any outfit.  Even if you are in a rush and just throw on a plain tee and jeans, adding a fun necklace on the way out the door, can really transform an otherwise boring outfit!  Another great thing about bold and bright necklaces is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get some great unique buys.  Most of my necklaces are from local markets or op-shops and at most cost about $10 each!
Another fabulous thing about fun and quirky necklaces is that they never go out of style!  Trends may come and go but fun and original pieces of jewellery are always going to be considered fun and original!  Some of the beads I still wear now have been in my co…

It's in the bag!

As I'm sure you know by now, I love accessories: necklaces, rings, bracelets, shoes and bags!  If I had to choose between buying clothes or accessories, accessories would win every single time!  This year I have bought lots of fabulous new and thrifted accessories.  The thing I love most about accessories is how they add colour and personality to every outfit.  I also love that you don't have to spend lots of money to get some really great pieces.  
I bought this bag earlier this year and it was only $15!  I have had lots of use out of this bag and I love how it adds colour and a boho vibe to every outfit.  Even on days when I just throw on a t-shirt and jeans, adding this bag makes me feel more put together and more me.  
Here are some of the outfits I've worn recently with this fabulous bag!

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The Best of Blue

Happy Monday to my blog friends!  I know it's only been a week since my last post, but it feels like it's been ages!  In my last post I told you about how my phone just suddenly stopped working and induced a mini-crisis!  
Well, I have a new phone now and its camera is supposed to be the same as the other one, but it actually takes really grainy and dark photos.  I took blog photos the other day and none of them were usable!  All of the colours looked faded and dull.  
My last phone didn't exactly take high resolution professional pics, but for a hobby blogger it did the trick.  Being unable to take blog pics this week has actually been quite hard!  I really enjoy the creative process and connecting with other bloggers.  So I have put my old phone in to be repaired so that hopefully once again I can blog using that camera and be able to retrieve all of my lost files and downloads.  Fingers crossed!
In the meantime, I thought I might do some "best of" posts.  The…

Monochromatic Monday!

I had planned to publish this post yesterday, but unfortunately due to a mini-crisis, I was unable to.  The mini-crisis was that when I tried to turn my mobile phone on yesterday, it wouldn't turn on.  I tried everything and it just wouldn't turn on!  I was in such a panic and worried I had lost all of my contacts, photos and downloads.  I ended up having to buy a new phone.  I was lucky enough to be able to restore my contacts and photos, but haven't yet been able to restore my previous texts, downloads and some other things.  
It's amazing how these unexpected technology mini-crises can throw you for a loop!  I guess my first concern was not being contactable via phone by my husband and son's school.  Then my second concern was the loss of my photos. Plus, I do all of my blogging on my phone!  I take my blog photos on my phone and write these posts on my phone!  That's why replacing my phone was such a priority, because blogging is so important to me!  It…

Spring Outfits

In this post I thought I would show you three of the outfits I wore in the past week.  The weather has been quite unpredictable with everything from cool to hot temps and a massive thunderstorm!  In spite of the erratic weather, I do love this time of year.  The flowers are in full bloom and the humidity is bearable, unlike in summer!  
Outfit 1: Top: Rockmans Cardi: Millers Skirt: Crossroads Shoes: Instep

Necklace: bought at Edinburgh Fringe Festival Markets 2001
I hadn't worn this necklace for ages!  I bought it all the way back in 2001.  It was so fun to wear this necklace again and it brought back a lot of happy memories from my past adventures!
Ring: Lovisa Bag: GUESS

Outfit 2: Top: Sussan Cardi: Millers Pants: Millers Shoes: Hot Chocolate Design

Ring: Diva Bracelet: present from Mum Bag: Lily Bloom
Necklace: Katies

Outfit 3: Top: Sussan Skirt: Millers Shoes: Hot Chocolate Design Necklace: thrifted
This was my first wear of this newly purchased skirt.  I really love the print a…