Black, White & Neon Bright!

I'm not big on the neon trend or trends in general, for that matter!  I like to play around with colours and styles, but not because they are on trend, just because it's fun!  There have been a lot of neon bright accessories and items of clothing at stores lately and I have found myself drawn to them simply because I love wearing colourful outfits in recent times, neon or otherwise!
In the first outfit, the skirt and cardi are both new additions to my wardrobe.  I was first drawn to the black and white print of the skirt and the pops of neon running through it.  The cardi was then bought on sale and is a perfect match to the skirt!  
In real life the cardi and pops of colour in the skirt are more like a neon lime colour, but they photograph more neon yellow!  Either way, they are bright in real life and on camera! :)  I was also excited to discover that in my existing wardrobe, I had the perfect bag to match my ensemble.  Yay for more matchy-matchy! ;) 
Outfit 1: Top: Katies C…

Oranges & Blues

I usually wake up with a particular print or colour scheme in mind for putting an outfit together.  I usually don't plan ahead with what I'm going to wear, as I like the spontaneity of choosing something I'm in the mood to wear on the day.  That's all well and good for most days, but on days that I sleep in or am running late, I usually default to something very plain and basic and grab a fun and colourful necklace on the way out the door!  As you can imagine, I also find it really hard to pack for holidays away, as I just don't like to plan my outfits ahead of time!  I have got better in recent years with sticking to a particular colour scheme and then packing loads of fun (and light) accessories!  
In the first outfit, I had woken up in the mood to wear orange!  I love to wear orange with blue or green, but this time I chose to go with  earthy brown colours to complete the outfit.  I felt very autumnal in this outfit!  
Outfit 1: Top: Sussan Kimono: Boohoo Skirt:…

Denim Discovery!

Isn't it funny how some of the most basic wardrobe staples can be the hardest to find?  I had been looking for a particular style of denim skirt for ages and had tried lots of local shops, not-so-local shops, op-shops and online, to no avail! Last week I went to another op-shop and began browsing.  I searched high, I searched low and then suddenly like a mirage, there it was: a denim skirt in my size!  Woo hoo!  The cherry on top was that it was only $7!  Double woo hoo!
With my denim desire satiated, I proceeded to investigate the multitude of necklaces.  I sure have honed my op-shop skills recently, as I was able to see past the many other shiny and sparkly necklaces to find the two that I wanted!  The first was the fun beads that remind me of lady bugs, worn in outfit 1.  The second was the turquoise and silver one, worn in outfit 2.
Outfit 1: Top: Harris Scarfe Cardi: Millers Skirt: thrifted

I like the embroidery around the pockets on both sides.

Necklace: thrifted
Ring: Diva …

Colourful Cardis & Maxi Skirts

Yay for cardi weather!  After a long and brutally hot and humid summer, it is finally starting to cool down.  We're still quite a ways away from long sleeved cardis, jumpers and coats, but I'm happy to be able to wear my colourful short sleeved cardis for now!  
Over the years I have built up quite a fabulous collection of cardis in many different colours and styles.  They really are a wardrobe staple for me and are a great way to add colour to a neutral base.  In both of these outfits I wore a black tank top as a base, chose a maxi skirt and then found a cardi to match.  Easily done!  
Outfit 1: Tops: Katies Cardi: Millers Skirt: bought in Tokyo Sandals: Gino Ventori
This crochet cardi is a firm favourite of mine and gets a lot of wear.  It brightens up any outfit and I love the textural look and feel of crocheted garments.  If only I could knit and or crochet!  I have such admiration for the crafty people out there! 
This is actually the first wear of this skirt!  I bought i…

Hello Autumn!

Well, although it is technically autumn here now, it sure doesn't feel like it!  This week has been another hot and humid one and it just feels like it is never going to cool down!  Even though I have been sweltering, sartorially I've been desperate to start wearing autumn clothes like cardigans, jeans and long sleeves!  Although it is still too hot to wear the aforementioned, it's never too early to wear autumnal colours!  Maybe wearing such colours will encourage autumn to hurry up and make an appearance!  Worth a try, right? 
Outfit 1: Top: Katies Skirt: Tasa Jara Sandals: Gino Ventori
I bought this ombre orange skirt last year on a mini getaway to Byron Bay and it has become a firm favourite of mine.  The store I bought it at only has a few sizes of each design, so you are pretty much guaranteed to not see anyone else wearing the same thing!  Always a plus, I'm sure you'll agree! ;)
I knew that my recently thrifted bag would be perfect to keep the autumn vibe g…

Ahoy Sailor!

Long time, no sea!  Sorry, I couldn't resist starting with a pun, but I promise I'll try to keep them to a minimum!  It really has been a long time since I've published a post though!  Life has been busy, I've been unwell and just when I was about to publish a post the other night, the power went out for 7 hours!  Grr! 
Anyway, I'm here now.  Better late than never, right?!  I apologise for not visiting your blogs or replying to comments.  I promise I will catch up soon! 
I decided to call this post Ahoy Sailor, as I recently welcomed another pair of shoes to my collection called Sailor!  I'd had my eye on these shoes for quite sometime and when I saw they had finally gone on sale, I couldn't resist!  Like all HCD shoes, they are fun and quirky and extremely comfortable.  I really can walk all day in them, which is no mean feat (feet!) with my old flat feet, that's for sure! ;)
Outfit 1: Tank Top: Rockmans Crochet Cardi: Katies Skirt: Katies
This was th…