Jaguar ring & bag

I just added this jaguar ring to my accessory collection! I love the colours in it and of course the fact that it is a (big) cat!!

Just in case you were wondering, this ring is certainly not encrusted with emeralds, rubies and a pearl, but rather it is encrusted with exotic plastic stones!!😂😂I'm so glad I have cheap (but not nasty!😉) taste in accessories because it means I can afford to have a HUGE accessory collection!

Acquiring these little treasures along the way (often!) brightens my day and makes me smile.  That's the main point of accessories, isn't it?

The clothes:

The necklace:

The shoes:

The bag:

How awesome is this bag? If you look really closely, there are four jaguars hidden amongst the print! Here are two of them:

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  1. I really like the ring and you've done a good job matching your clothing around it. I like the necklace as well as it matches perfectly with the skirt.

  2. That ring and bag are fabulous!!


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