Styling my new bird print shoes!

I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw these adorable shoes at my local shopping centre! I knew I had to have them! I love everything about these shoes: the colours, the gorgeous birds patterned all over and the fact that they are super comfy!

For the first wear I chose to pair them with a pretty plain outfit so that the shoes and other accessories were the main focus.

The outfit:

Top: Sussan
Skirt: Sussan
Shoes: Instep

The necklace:


The earrings:


The bracelets & ring:

Bracelets: Lovisa
Ring: Rockmans

The bag:


"Did I hear you say birds?!! Where? Where?"

"Oh, bird print shoes! What??!! I can't believe I woke up for that!"

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  1. Those shoes are absolutely fantastic. They could be called "the cat's meow".

  2. I love those shoes - how much fun are they?? Aw, what a cute kitty!


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