Magenta top, boho maxi skirt & yellow accessories

I recently did (another) wardrobe clean out and came across this old (about 10 years) skirt! It's such a pretty boho maxi skirt but unfortunately the elastic on the waist has stretched a bit too much, so I had to keep pulling it up for fear of it falling to the ground!😱Not good! Not sure whether to donate it or get it repaired. What do you think?

The magenta top is a recent purchase and I thought it matched nicely with my old skirt! I decided to pair this outfit with yellow accessories, because I'm loving yellow at the moment!

The top:

The skirt:

The shoes:

The earrings:

The bracelet:

The necklace:

"Did she seriously just put that necklace on me?"

"This colour does not suit me at all! Not happy!"

"Actually, I think this necklace really suits me! It's mine now!"

The bag:

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  1. I think the skirt is way too nice to discard so maybe a new elastic waist band. The necklace does look nice on your muse but I think maybe a blue or green would suit her just as nicely.

    1. Thanks Flossie! I'll pass on your colour suggestions to my muse!! XXX


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