Thematic Dressing!

I recently went op-shopping and came across this fabulous skirt!  It is fully-lined and in great condition and features a quirky and fun print with various images and writing on it.  The first word I spied on it was "Paris".  I knew then that I had to have it because I knew it would complement my "J'adore Paris" top perfectly!   

I love thematic dressing and all things matchy-matchy!  I think it makes dressing more fun and creative!  I don't always dress to a theme, but when I see something that I know will go together well, I absolutely have to put them together!

Here are two themes I tried recently:

Outfit Theme: Paris!
Top: Sussan
Skirt: Bought at Op-shop
Shoes: Rivers
Bag: Bought at Op-shop
Ring: Bought in Japan
Bracelet: Lovisa

Another outfit that just had to happen was a unicorn themed one!  I already had a unicorn skirt and brooch, so when I recently bought shoes with unicorns emblazoned on them, you know I just had to pair them all together!😉Initially I thought maybe it was a bit too much unicorn but then I thought, I like it so who cares?! Although according to my gorgeous 7 year old son, there wasn't enough unicorn in this outfit and he insists I buy a unicorn ring, bracelet, earrings and bag!!😂

Outfit Theme: Unicorns!
Top: Sussan
Skirt: Rainbows & Fairies
Shoes: Hot Chocolate Chocolaticas

Brooch (worn as a necklace): Ula The Unicorn by Erstwilder
Ring: H & M
Bag: Rockmans

Themes I've done in previous posts:

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Outfit Theme: Dots!

Outfit Theme: Frangipani Flowers!

What do you think of thematic dressing?  Do you think it's fun or a bit too much?  Do you like to match or clash your prints?  Let me know! I'd love to hear from you! 

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX

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  1. I love a themed outfit, and I certainly love matchy-matchy! My favourite is the unicorn outfit. That skirt is simply amazing, and I think your son is right. The Paris skirt is another great op-shop find. I have another blogging friend who'd recently posted an Eiffel tower bag, which would have been perfect for your theme! Have a lovely weekend! xxx

    1. Ooh! That would've been perfect! ;) Thanks so much, Ann! XXX

  2. I love a bit of matchy matchy, and if you have the pieces to dress to a theme I'm all for it! I'm in complete agreement with your son too, you can never have too many unicorn pieces! If it makes you smile, it's a good idea to wear it! :)

    Hope you had a good week and you have a nice weekend ahead! We have family visiting so it will be a busy but fun weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. That's so true! ;) Thanks so much, Mica! XXX

  3. I have to agree that I like a bit of matchy matchy. I really like your new skirt-well done at the op-shop. I agree you can never have too many unicorn items.


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