Yellow, Denim & Toucans!

Well, the good news is, this is a new post!  The bad news is that my previous phone (and of course, camera) is beyond repair with no chance of resuscitation! Noooo! That means I've lost photos, downloads and notes forever!  Also, it means that no longer can my husband take a few quick blog photos in the hallway and then I'm done.  The camera on my new phone only takes reasonably decent photos outdoors, as the flash isn't good at all and really washes out the colours of an outfit, when taken inside.  Not exactly ideal when the whole point of my blog is to show my colourful outfits!  Anyway, now blogging will require a bit more planning and finding a suitable outside backdrop for photos.  Oh, and a willing husband to actually take the photos! 

Today we ventured out into the front yard and took a few photos.  They aren't great and the garage door background is not exactly appealing, but for now it will do!  It felt good to take photos again, even though I miss my old phone and the impromptu photos of the past.  

I built this outfit around my new fabulous Toucan Tote bag!  It only arrived the other day and I was so excited to use it!  Isn't it gorgeous?!  The colours are beautiful and I love the toucans and pom-pom tassel!  It will be the perfect bag for summer, which is just around the corner!  

The Outfit:
Top: Sussan
Kimono: Woven Heart
Crop Jeans: Avella
Shoes: Rivers
Sunglasses: Jag
Necklace: Rockmans
Bangle: thrifted
Ring: Diva

Toucan Tote Bag: Collette Hayman

Thank you for visiting my blog!  XXX

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  1. Well your new start is certainly a wow moment! It was well worth the wait as the outfit is great. Yellow isn't very kind to me but on you it is really great. The bag is as wonderful as the shoes, or even more wonderful Flossie xxx

  2. Your new bag is beautiful and so very fun! I like all the yellow in your outfit too! It's a shame you can't use your regular photo spot but I hope you can find a nice spot - these ones look good in the photos! The spring sun means I can't take photos in my usual spot and I'm scrambling to find a place that's good enough to take photos regularly. I'm kinda bossed about by the sunlight at the moment, haha!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) We are having another quiet and relaxing one here.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. So sorry you lost your photos! Dying over this kimono. The print is stunning and I adore your bag.

  4. Sorry to hear your phone is beyond resuscitation ... I actually think the garage door backdrop isn't too bad. But any backdrop would fade into insignificance with that fabulous outfit you're wearing. So much colour and gorgeousness! I love all the yellow, and of course that Toucan tote bag is utterly fabulous! Have a wonderful week, Sasha! xxx


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