Back from Byron Bay in Blue!

Well, I'm baaackk!!  It was so nice to get away to such a beautiful place.  Anyway, back to reality now!  Reality isn't so bad though: especially when you come home with some fabulous new clothes! It was also nice to get lots of kitty kisses from Amber too!

In this outfit, I'm wearing one of my new skirts from Tasa Jara.  It's handmade and there are only a handful of each design in the store.  They have so many fantastic designs and I love how unique each item of clothing is. 

The outfit:
Top: Sussan
Skirt: Tasa Jara
Shoes: Holster
Necklace & Bag: Bought at pop-up store at local shops


 Tattooed Zombie

Cuff: Present from Mum
Ring: Madame Butterfly

While we were staying in Byron Bay, we visited the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens in Mullumbimby, a short drive from Byron Bay.  It is so beautiful there and such a peaceful place.  The tranquility was temporarily shattered though when my son fell and scraped his knee, as his crying echoed around the mountain!  It was just a minor scratch and we all ended up with the giggles because where he fell  was deemed a "quiet zone for meditation"!  Good luck trying to meditate with us around! Ha!😂

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX

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  1. Home again! Byron Bay certainly seems like an amazing place. The Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens certainly seem like a wonderful place to visit. I do hope your son is okay again and was unfortunate to get injured in the place where it was deemed to be a quiet place. Oh well, these things happen to us all at some time. I really like the skirt and to be one of only a few is great. I imagine Amber was happy to see you home again.

  2. Welcome back, Sasha. Getting back to reality always takes some getting used to, I know. But being able to wear some souvenirs (that skirt is divine) and looking at holiday pictures softens "the blow" a bit. And nobody can take away your memories! Of course, kitty kisses from Amber are worth coming home for as well! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! That's very true! ;) XXX


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