Passion for Patchwork Prints!

This is the outfit I wore a few days ago, which was the first time to ever wear this top!  I bought it about two years ago and for two years it has resided comfortably on a hanger in my wardrobe!  I really don't know what's taken me so long! After discovering this top, it prompted me to go through my wardrobe more closely.  What struck me was how many patchwork prints I own!  

I really do love a good patchwork print!  I like the mix of colours and patterns and the crafty, quirky, handmade feel.  It also makes accessorising lots of fun, as there are heaps of options to match with! 

The outfit:
Top: Katies
Skirt: Jeanswest
Bag: Anne Klein (present from Mum)
Earrings & Ring: Lovisa
Bracelet: H & M

Close-up on the shoes!

Here are other patchwork prints I've worn recently:

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  1. Can't believe you had that top for so long without wearing it. It's fabulous! The print is quirky and interesting and as you mentioned, totally combinable with lots of different colours. It would look great with orange too. See, you and Amber are a perfect match, so a brighter orange would work as well ... xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! Ooh, yes! Orange would look fab! Amber is always the perfect accessory, isn't she? ;) XXX

  2. You certainly have some lovely patchwork tops and skirts in your wardrobe. I really do like this one and am also surprised that it was hiding in the back of your wardrobe. Keep looking as you never know what else you might find!!!

  3. Thanks so much, Flossie! I will definitely keep looking! XXX


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