Colour, Comfort & Cats!

Yesterday I started a volunteer position that will run for 2 hours per week for the next few months.  The role involves working with kids, so I wanted my outfit to be colourful and comfortable!

I chose to wear my paisley print pants (for comfort) and pair it with my bright magenta top.  I chose comfy shoes, which was lucky, because we played a few games!  

I chose to wear my bird necklace and cat ring to add some fun to the outfit.  As you can see in the photos below, Amber also loves to wear the same bird necklace on special occasions!😂 Doesn't she look posh in my necklace?  Such a refined kitty, my Amber!😂Although, I'm sure she would much prefer to wear pearls over plastic!😂

The outfit:
Top: Sussan
Pants: Millers
Shoes: Rivers
Bag: Reaction Kenneth Cole

Necklace & Bangle: Diva
Cat Ring: present from Mum (Prague)

Cat ring close-up

"Did Sasha just say this necklace is made out of plastic?!!  Not pearls?  I'm mortified!"

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX

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  1. I admire your decision to do some volunteer work, Sasha. I wish I had your energy! Your paisley print pants are the perfect choice, and magenta is a colour that really suits you. I love that cat ring! Speaking of cats, Amber looks lovely wearing your necklace, though of course she does deserve pearls! xxx

    1. Indeed she does! Ha! ;) Thanks so much, Ann! XXX

  2. I think you are wonderful doing volunteer work with young people BUT I'm with Amber, plastic is okay for you maybe but she deserves only the best!!! I do like your outfit though as bright and beautiful would make any occasion cheerful and the color really does suit you.

  3. I love the matching with the top and pants, great combination! I think you accessorised well, even if Amber wasn't overjoyed, haha!

    Congrats on the volunteer job too, that sounds like it will be a lot of fun! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend :) We are having the perfect weather - warm and sunny in the morning, then cooler in the afternoon and evenings when the storms roll in. We spent time by the pool yesterday morning!

    Away From The Blue Blog


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