Sleeveless in Summer!

Summer is in full swing here and the heat has been almost unbearable!  As I type this, it is 4pm and still 35°C!  Thankfully we have aircon in the lounge room and have been lazing around in front of it all day.  My son is on school holidays now and it's been hard to entertain him this week with the heat!  Unless you go to the park/beach or any other outdoor activity at the crack of dawn or late afternoon, it is just too hot to play outside.  I took him to play outside yesterday morning, but today we've stayed indoors all day, to escape the heat.  With my sensitive skin, even when I just go outside briefly to check the mail, I can feel my skin burn!  Luckily I have plenty of 50+ sunscreen to lather myself in! ;)

With how hot it's been (and currently is!), I've been wearing sleeveless tops.  I don't generally wear anything that is sleeveless, due to my issues about exposing my chubby arms!  However, when the mercury hits 30+ degrees celsius, those body issues melt away and I wear what I want to, to avoid myself melting away! ;)   When I wear sleeveless tops, I like a bit of extra boob and tummy coverage, so a sleeveless button up top works well as a vest.  In both of these outfits, I wore button up tops meant to be worn on their own as tops,  as vests.  They provide that extra layer, while still staying sleeveless.

Outfit 1:
Red tank top: Rockmans
Navy linen top (worn as a vest): Target
Skirt: Millers
Sandals: Gino Ventori

 Brooch: Susan Jane Jewellery
I bought this brooch last week at a pop-up store at Toombul.  I bought several other accessories too, that you'll be seeing soon!  The lady who makes them was so friendly and I was swooning at all of her cute and quirky designs!  The reason I chose this cute little seagull is that seagulls are the symbol of Iwaki, which was the city I lived in, in Japan.  You can see seagull emblems all over the city, so when I saw this little guy, I knew he was coming home with me!  I miss Iwaki so much, so wearing him makes me smile and remember those days of old!  

Ring: Diva
Bracelet: Rockmans
Bag: Robin Ruth

Outfit 2:
Red tank top: Rockmans
Aztec print top (worn as a vest): Millers
Skirt: Skally Rags
Sandals: bought in Hawaii

Earrings: Tattooed Zombie

Ring: Bold Ray Designs
Bangle: bought at the markets
Bag: Rockmans

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  1. You look cool & refreshed in both outfits even though it's hot where you live. I really like both outfits & you shouldn't be concerned about feeling uncomfortable in sleeveless tops. I like your idea of using the tops as vests. Your seagull brooch is even cuter with a story attached to it. Flossie xxx

  2. I love the sleeveless tops worn as vests! I can only do vests in summer too, I like my arms covered in winter and I don't think they are warm enough for colder weather! Perfect for the heat though. We think our aircon is broken, it's not cooling very well, but of course it's working hard with the crazy heat. Today was so hot!

    Hope that you are having a great week :) We have had the week off with the kids and have just been doing Christmas activities - it's been so fun! We've gone to two separate snow themed events, even though it's the middle of summer haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I had to smile as I too only wear sleeveless tops/dresses when it's unbearably warm. I'm a big fan of sleeves, but sometimes we've got no choice and then we have to be creative like you did. Wearing a sleeveless top as a vest is a brilliant idea. Oh, and I'm absolutely loving your new seagull brooch! Have a great, and hopefully cooler, weekend Sasha! Not much fun having to stay inside in the Summer holidays ... xxx


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