The Birds & The Beads!!

It has been so hot and humid the last few days with thunder storms every evening.  It's the kind of heat that causes you to sweat every time you move.  Not pleasant!  

It's a good thing I have this blog because it encourages me to be more creative with my outfits and to make the most of my wardrobe.  Otherwise, in this heat, I would be tempted to just wear the same two sleeveless dresses I own every day just to stay cool!  Thankfully, I've been in aircon most of the week!

I bought this skirt a few years ago in Japan.  I love the colours and the bird print.  I decided to stick with the blue and green colour theme for my accessories and chose to use my peacock bag to continue the bird theme!

The outfit:
Top: Sussan
Skirt: Bought in Japan
Shoes: Holster

Ring: Madame Butterfly
Watch: AVON
Cuff: Bought at Op-Shop
Bag: Bought at local markets

Necklace: Bought at local pop-up store

I was coming out of my local supermarket the other day and noticed there was a little pop-up store setting up outside.  I waited to see what they were selling and imagine my delight when I saw that it was beaded necklaces! Woo hoo!  They were only $5 each, so I bought two! Who knew buying groceries could be so much fun?!!😉

"I refuse to pose for a post that features birds!"

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX

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  1. Love the title! Your skirt is utterly fabulous, Sasha, and so is the peacock bag. I love peacocks! Another great necklace too. We had a mild sunny day today, which was a relief. I don't envy you your hot weather, as I'm not very good with heat and humidity. Being a lady of a certain age doesn't really help ;-) Have a great weekend, and keep cool! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I love peacocks, too! I just bought a peacock necklace today actually! ;) XXX

  2. "Never give up on things that make you smile"!! What a great quote. I would think that looking at that gorgeous Amber every day would certainly make me smile!! Oh, also, I do like your outfit, especially your bag and skirt, too, as well.

    1. Thanks so much, Flossie! Amber's antics definitely make me smile! ;) XXX

  3. What a great necklace - and a bargain price! I love how well your prints all work together in this outfit too.

    I have definitely been feeling the heat from this heatwave! I've defaulted to shorts and tanks as my summer uniform, just switching it up a little with accessories and maybe a kimono. Too hot to think of anything else, haha!

    Hope you had a great weekend. It was another fairly quiet and aircon filled weekend for us!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! The necklace sure was a great buy! ;) The heatwave has been exhausting, hasn't it? How have your boys coped with the heat? Luckily my boy doesn't feel the heat as much as I do! :) XXX

  4. Ha, Amber looks so stern! I love the fun pattern of the skirt - I hope your heat lets up soon! I'll send you some chilly winter wind - deal?

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila! It's a deal! ;) Bring on the winter wind and I'll send some humidity your way!! ;) XXX

  5. Amber's comment sure made me smile :) Thanks. Lise

    1. Thanks so much, Lise! I'll be sure to let her know! ;) XXX


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