Happy Mother's Day!

Yay for the cool change!  Yesterday was cool and today it was even cooler!  I was so happy to be wearing a cardigan today, which means it won't be long until it's jumper weather, which is even more exciting!😉 It really was such a long and cruel summer for humans and nature alike, so the cool change is such a welcome one!

I overheard some people at school complaining yesterday about the cold weather.  They were also the same people who complained about the heat every single day over summer.  I guess there's no pleasing some people!  

The outfit:
Top: Sussan
Skirt: Robert Louis
Cardigan: Suzanne Grae
Shoes: Rivers
Bag: Tasa Jara

Spark The Owl Necklace by Erstwilder

No Amber pics this post!  Instead, a photo of my jumping bean son photobombing my photo shoot!😂Oh! If only I had his energy!!  By the way, if you see Amber, please don't tell her that her brother was in my blog, instead of her!  If she finds out, the claws will definitely come out!!😂😂

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so I'd like to wish all the mum's of humans and pets, a very Happy Mother's Day!!

To my Mum: Thank you for everything that you do and all that you have done for me.  Thank you also for all of the fabulous accessories you have bought me over the years, that make my blog more colourful and fun!  Happy Mother's Day!

To my son:  I am so happy to be your Mum!  You are the kindest, sweetest and most amazing boy.  You are empathetic, clever, creative, imaginative and endlessly curious.  It is an honour to have been chosen to be your mother.  I love you.  

To my cat daughter Amber:  Thank you for keeping your hisses to a minimum when posing for blog photos!  You are a gorgeous kitty and I admire your feisty nature.  Now, if only you could stop growling and hissing at your human brother!!😂

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX


  1. I really enjoyed this post due to your comments as well as the outfit. I promise I won't tell Amber she has competition in the cuteness department!!That skirt is gorgeous.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Sasha! How I love that photo of your son photobombing your photo shoot!
    I'm loving your autumnal outfit, and I'm very taken with the owl necklace. So cute! Complaining about the weather seems to be a national pastime here in Belgium, but I think that every season has its charm. Oh, and I won't tell Amber. Promise! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! It's a great photo, isn't it?! The owl necklace is so pretty, isn't it? I just love the colours. Oh, and thanks for not telling Amber! Don't let Phoebe know either! Ha! ;) XXX


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