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Do you consider yourself to be adventurous?  What does it mean to you to be adventurous?  Has the meaning of adventurous changed for you as you've grown older?  

The other day I was out shopping with the family and noticed a new play area for kids, with hot air balloons painted on the walls.  After a quick family game of table tennis in which I truly sucked, the images of hot air balloons got me thinking about adventures and what it means to be adventurous.  

I've never been adventurous in the extreme activities kind of way, such as partaking in skydiving, bungee jumping or even hot air ballooning!  I've never been interested in the first two activities, but I would like to ride in a hot air balloon and float up, up and away into the sky!

In my twenties, I was adventurous in terms of travel and exploring new places.  I moved to Japan for two years when I was twenty one and travelled all around Japan (and other parts of Asia) by myself.  I always tried new food and participated in lots of cultural activities and experiences, such as tea ceremony, dance, calligraphy and flower arranging.  I went to see a sumo match, kabuki theatre and even ate fugu (puffer fish)!

After my two years in Japan, I taught English in various locations across England.  I travelled around the UK and Europe by myself and again had lots of adventures during my travels.  Upon my return to Australia, my adventures weren't as exciting and new, but through my work at the time, I was able to still be around people from all around the world and have mini adventures with them.  In fact,  I feel much more myself and at ease, working in a cross-cultural environment.

Fast forward a few years and I've had adventures not just as Sasha, but as a daughter, wife and mother too.  Although these times have been wonderful and I feel completely blessed with my life, I can't help but wonder what became of my adventurous self?  These days, I consider myself adventurous if I order a piece of chocolate cake with my cuppa!  I can't help but feeling somewhat deflated recently and realise I need to shake things up again in my life, to feel more adventurous and alive.  Any ideas?

Who knew that such an innocuous mural of hot air balloons would trigger a (late) mid-life crisis??!!😂 

The outfit:
Top: Sussan
Skirt: Sirocco
Shoes: Papillio

Lily Bloom

Necklace: (as worn previously by Amber!)
Handmade by lady at craft markets

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  1. A very thoughtful post, Sasha! I'd like to think I was more adventurous when I was younger, but I was never as adventurous as you, travelling all over the world. I'm full of admiration for people like you who've done things like that. I don't think my parents encouraged me in that way and being their eldest - and for a long time only - child, with hindsight I realize they were a bit overprotective. But I rebelled and was a punk, which was an adventure in itself. In general, I do feel blessed and happy with the life I'm leading, but still there's this niggling feeling I'm not adventurous enough. Maybe it's time I had a late midlife crisis too? I love your skirt, by the way, it's utterly gorgeous! xxx

  2. First, Amber doesn't look like she likes that necklace, lol.

    Second, that is a really pretty skirt - I love the pattern bands. I bet is is nice and swooshy!

    Lastly, WOW, you are/were so adventurous! I am so NOT an adventurous person - witness my wee fainting spell this weekend just from being in a crowded club! I hate traveling, I like to stay home. I prefer my adventures via reading, even if that sounds weird. :)

  3. I'm thinking that after such an adventurous life you've had you are way out in front of most people. I used to be the first to go on rollercoasters and silly rides at carnivals etc and then as I got older and became a Mother, I lost a lot of my desire for these adventures as I felt a real sense of responsibility to my child and so curtailed my activities. I thought I'd had a lot of adventures but even though I've travelled to many countries around the world, I've never been able to manage to live in any other country as you have done so don't sell yourself short.

  4. I love the skirt and that is a pretty wall to take outfit photos against! :)

    I've never really been very adventurous, I haven't travelled a lot or anything like that, so your life sounds like it has been very adventurous to me! I think we can definitely have a little adventure or excitement in our day to day lives - I'm trying to plan a fun (but local) day out for my boy's upcoming birthday, that's about as adventurous as I get now, but for them it will be really fun so I try see things through their eyes! :)

    Hope that you are having a really nice week so far :) I'm enjoying the cooler autumn weather!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Oh wow living by yourself in Japan for 2 years on your own that IS adventurous. I am not quite that adventurous but I do go to Paris by myself--kind of--my step family lives there so of course I visit with them when I am there. But I stay on my own in an Air B-B and during the week when they are working or in school I am on my own. It can exciting! Have you ever seen that TV commercial about the young woman traveling on her own in Asia, it is great, I love that commercial.

    Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOtpsvcHzSE

    1. Thanks so much, Allie! Paris sounds very exciting to me! Thanks for the link: what a great commercial! ;) XXX


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