Hello Autumn!

Well, it's finally starting to cool down!  It was such a long and hot summer and I was starting to think autumn would never arrive! The mornings and evenings are cool and the days are still quite warm, so it's still not really jumper weather, but it's definitely heading in that direction!  

In celebration of the cool change, I chose to wear this tunic featuring autumnal colours.  I am also looking forward to wearing some of my many multi-coloured cardigans and jumpers soon! 

The outfit:
Tunic: Katies
Leggings: Autograph
Shoes: Rivers

Ring: Lovisa
Bracelet: Her Fashion Box
Bag: Anne Klein

Necklace: Belluna Japan

Do I even need to ask who wore it best??  I know Amber wins every time!!😂

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX

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  1. I think the tunic and leggings look fabulous on you, Sasha! I'm loving the print of your tunic. Although it's hard to imagine for me now, while we are heading into late Spring, but I'm always looking forward to wear my jumpers, cardigans and long-sleeved frocks in Autumn! xxx

  2. Aw, Amber knows she wore it best! Ha! I love the pictures of you petting her.

    This is a great tunic - love the pattern and colours, very autumnal! I enjoy reading Aussie blogs because of the difference in seasons - it's fun to hear about the cool weather and see warmer clothes when we all start sweltering here in the northern hemisphere! Have a fabulous week, m'dear!

  3. I really think you are wearing this outfit perfectly as the colors in the tunic are great & I love how you've incorporated those gorgeous yellow shoes.


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