Cute As A Button

I've been going through all of my necklaces this week to see what I actually have, instead of looking to buy more and more!  I am lucky to have so many fabulous necklaces in every colour of the rainbow!  During my sorting, I rediscovered this fabulous pink button necklace that Mum bought for me last year at a craft market.  The lady who made it is elderly and I am just so impressed by how intricate it is!  A true work of art.

Anyway, I couldn't wait to wear this necklace again after a few months.  I always love wearing handmade accessories because they are so unique and special and always made with love!

I decided to pair it with this knit top and pink floral pants.  I'm not really sure what to call the colour of this top (dark green?), but I thought it matched the pants quite well.  I love the back of this top with it's longer length and different material in the middle.  I also found an old (vintage!) bag of mine that I bought over twenty years ago!  It was fun to use this bag again after such a long time!  I (almost) felt like I was in my twenties again!  Ha!

The outfit:
Knit top: Autograph
Pants: Rockmans
Shoes: Rivers
Necklace: present from Mum (craft markets)

Bag: I bought this bag at the markets about 20 years ago! So, I guess it's vintage now! 

Here are two other ways I've previously worn this necklace on the blog:

 See original post: Here

See original post: Here

Amber:  "I'm as cute as a button?  Cuter, actually!"

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX

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  1. That is a fun necklace, and I like your bag! :) I think your top almost looks teal on my screen - no matter the name it's a lovely shade on you and nice with the pink :)

    Hope that you're having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Super necklace. Also loving the pants/leggings and that fun velvet bag!

  3. I really love your necklace as it goes perfectly with all the outfits you've chosen. Making it even more desirable is that it was made by an elderly lady. I also like your unusual top & vintage handbag. Amber look great but I'm afraid her fame is going to her head,!!!

  4. Love the button necklace, the floral trousers and the velvet bag. Your top is very unusual, but I am really the wrong person to ask for its colour, as I am slightly colour blind when it comes to blues and greens. It looks blue to me, but what do I know ;-) And obviously, Amber is cute as a button as always! xxx

  5. OK I'm loving the pattern on those first pants!!


  6. I love that your cat was wearing that fun necklace! Ha ha!

    How awesome is it that you still have and use a bag that is 20 years old? Bravo!


    1. Thanks so much, Suzanne! She looks so cute, doesn't she?! ;) It really is awesome that I still use that bag after so long and it's still in great condition! XXX


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