Australia Day Dress!

Yesterday was Australia Day and I've been enjoying a nice and relaxing weekend.  It was a really hot day yesterday (as is today!😉), so I chose to wear my new dress, that just happens to be in the colours of the Aussie flag!

I never wear sleeveless tops or dresses, because I don't like to show my jiggly bare arms, but it was soooo hot that I figured, who cares?!😉I actually really like this dress and it was so nice and cool and comfy.  

The outfit:
Dress: Autograph
Shoes: Birkenstock

The bag: Banned Apparel

How cool is this bag?!  I love it so much!  I bought it in the Boxing Day sales!

 Necklace: Hot Lips Shoes
Ring: Lovisa

We made Damper in the afternoon and it was delicious!  My seven year old had a great time kneading the dough! 


We also ate Lamington Fingers, which were also yummy, but store bought, so not as good as our Damper!😉

Lamington Fingers

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX


  1. Happy Australia Day! What the heck is Damper? It looks like some sort of pastry. And Lamington Fingers?? Are they a dessert?

    I'm glad you got to the "what the hell" realization and let your jiggly bits roam free (hee hee). I have so many jiggly areas, but I really don't give a flying f**k - I just pretend they aren't there!

    Aw, Amber kitty. Scritch scritch on the head for her!

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila! I've just added links, so you can check out what Damper and Lamingtons are! I should've put links there to begin with: sorry about that! I love that you don't give a flying f**k about jiggly bits either! ;) It's taken me so long to embrace the "who cares?" philosophy about my appearance and style, but now that I have, it's so liberating! I passed on lots of head scritches to Amber on your behalf! ;) XXX

  2. I'm pleased you enjoyed Australia Day with food. Any excuse sounds great to me. I'm pleased you aren't worried about jigglt bits as who cares really? Enjoy just being young and not care about other people's insecurities. I like the complete outfit & happy Australia Day to you.

  3. I've looked up both Damper and Lamington fingers, as I'd never heard of them, and both sound quite delicious. The sleeveless dress looks lovely on you, and perfect for staying cool on a hot day. I love the necklace and ring. Amber is a great model, as always, although she does look a bit bored in that first photo ;-) xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! Haha, yes, Amber does tend to get bored sometimes during photo shoots! She's such a diva! ;) XXX

  4. That's a cute dress and I don't see anything wrong with your arms - glad you embraced them, in this heat it's so hard to wear anything more than the bare essentials (We spent yesterday in the pool so bikini for me, it was all I could manage in the humidity anyway!)

    Hope that you are having a great long weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Aww, thanks so much Mica! I agree that in this heat it is so hard to wear anything more than bare essentials without melting! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend, too! :) XXX


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