Printed Pants & colourful accessories: 3 outfits!

I never wore pants at all in my twenties and early thirties!  I never felt comfortable in them and much preferred wearing skirts or dresses.  If I did wear anything in the pants family, it was only dark denim jeans!

In my late thirties and now that I am into my early forties, I absolutely love wearing pants: especially brightly coloured and multi-patterned pairs.  I still prefer skirts, but find that pants are more practical (& comfy) to wear at the weekend, so I can chase after my son!😂

I love pairing black tops with brightly coloured bottoms, as the plain black is the perfect blank canvas for a brightly coloured necklace or brooch! (It also visually minimises the look of my big bust & gut!😉)

Here are 3 outfits I have worn recently that fit my style formula of:

black top + bright bottoms (pants, in this case) + colourful accessories!

Although it might sound like a pretty simple (& even boring?) formula, the thing I like most is that I can add lots of accessories to ensure that I very rarely (if ever!) wear the exact same outfit twice!  I love that even the simplest details like choice of earrings, necklaces and bags, can completely change the look of an outfit and can bring even the most boring clothes to life!

Outfit 1:
Top: Sussan
Pants: Rockmans
Shoes: Papillio by Birkenstock


 The Earring Shack Australia




Present from Mum (Cambodia)

Outfit 2:
Top: Sussan
Pants: Crossroads
Shoes: Gino Ventori

Necklace: Lovisa
Bracelets: present from Mum
Bag & ring: Madame Butterfly

 Outfit 3:
Top: Sussan
Pants: Rockmans
Shoes: Sportsgirl


Pop-up store at local shops

 Bracelets: Lovisa
Ring: Rockmans
Bag: pop-up store at local shops

Amber demonstrates purrfectly how accessories can totally transform any outfit!!😉😂. No boring looks ever for this feline fashionista! 

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX


  1. I think wearing pants really suit you so don't sell yourself short. It isn't about size but how you look and feel in what you are wearing. I think you accessorize your outfits really well and of course, with that cute kitty looking on with advice, who couldn't do just that??

    1. Thanks so much, Flossie! That's so true: with Amber as my style advisor I can't go wrong!! ;) XXX

  2. haha I loved Amber at the end! :) And you have such a great collection of printed pants! Aside from jeans, I only have one pair of pants! I find them such tricky things to buy, being petite and often in between standard sizes.

    You know I'm a big fan of accessories too - outfit formulas are the best, and even wearing the same thing with different accessories makes getting dressed so much easier! :)

    Hope that the first week of 2018 went well for you and that this week is off to a good start too!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I still can't believe Amber lets me take so many photos of her! Ha ha! Most of the time she doesn't mind but sometimes she'll give me dirty looks! ;) I hope you're having a good week too! XXX

  3. I was quite the opposite and wore nothing but pants in my thirties and early forties, then I had an epiphany and started wearing skirts and dresses. Now I hardly wear pants at all ... I think they really suit you, though. My favourite is your last outfit: I just love black floral print clothes! As always, I'm loving your accessories. You've really got the most wonderful necklaces, Sasha! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I never used to wear necklaces much and now I have such a huge collection! I love that through blogging I can share my finds with my blog friends like you, Ann! :) XXX

  4. Ha, I love Amber's last look - she looks like she wants to rip your face off. I have always been more of a skirt and dress gal, but I've been getting into pants a lot more lately. You have a great eye for patterns, Sasha, and you are a pro at accessorizing. I love that you wore those new earrings right away (oh, I liked the deer ones too, with the curly antlers).

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila! Haha! It's amazing I haven't sustained any injuries "working" with Amber! She gives me death stares but luckily no scratching or biting! Ha! Thanks so much for your kind comments: it means a lot to me :) XXX

  5. Ooooh.. I love those Birki's in your first outfit sasha.
    I hope to get mine on sometime this summer.

    Thank you for linking up to #fakeituntilyoumakeit!
    Fake Fabulous | Style Tips and Fun with Fashion, over 40

    1. Thanks so much, Sam! I love the Aztec pattern on these ones and they are sooo comfy! XXX


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