Wardrobe Discoveries!

This is the maiden voyage for this outfit!😉  After a close inspection of the contents of my wardrobe, I discovered this top and skirt!  I can't believe I have never worn this top or skirt before!  It is also the first time to wear this gorgeous necklace and ring set Mum bought me last year!  I thought it was time these clothes and accessories finally saw the light of day, so a new outfit was born!😉

I've had the top for about a year I think and I love the design.  It reminds me of a mosaic but in the shape of a sailboat steering wheel!  It was good to finally wear it!

This skirt is about two years old and I can't believe I hadn't worn it until now!  I bought it because I thought it would be a great neutral and it has a really nice soft fabric.  It was actually really comfy to wear too, so I'll definitely be wearing it again soon!  

It was fun putting together a completely new outfit from the contents of my wardrobe!  I vow to never let an item of clothing go unnoticed and unworn for that long again!  I'm so happy that I discovered the world of blogging, because it really is encouraging me to be more creative and make the most of the great items I already own!

The outfit:
Top: Autograph
Skirt: Jeanswest
Shoes: Instep

The accessories:
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger
Bracelet: Lovisa

Necklace & Ring Set

 Handmade Original Murano Glass, present from Mum


Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX


  1. Could have happened to me! I was looking for a particular cardigan in the depths of my wardrobe last week and unearthed quite a few items I didn't know I had. I'm loving the top with the funky design and the skirt is the perfect neutral basic. The necklace and ring set is fabulous! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! It's amazing what we can find in the depths of our wardrobe, isn't it?! ;) Hope you're having a great weekend, Ann! XXX

  2. I'm pleased you decided to check out your wardrobe as you certainly found a nice outfit. You aren't alone when it comes to buying items which tend to gravitate to the back of the wardrobe. You have really amazing accessories which I love, as well as the clothes of course. Keep searching as there might be more hidden gems at the back of the wardrobe!!

    1. Thanks so much, Flossie! I will definitely keep searching for more hidden gems! ;) Hope you're having a great weekend, Flossie! XXX

  3. That's one of the things that blogging has really done for me, is to really make me wear everything worn, and to get those new things worn right away. It's hard but a fun process over time! I look forward to seeing how your style evolves as you play with your clothes and make outfits! So fun! I love that necklace & ring set of Murano glass! I have a black snake pendant that my mom bought for me in Venice - these are the kinds of pieces you'll treasure forever.

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila! It is so much fun making new outfits, isn't it?! Blogging really is a great way to be creative and to keep a record of your style over time. It's awesome that it's your tenth year blogging: what a great achievement! Hope you're having a great weekend, Sheila! XXX

  4. It's a lot of fun shopping your wardrobe to come up with outfits each day! It's good blogging encourages you to find more ways to wear what you already own too, I find blogging do that for me. It's much more interesting to see the different ways people wear things, rather than just seeing something worn once just for photos. I went on a mission a while back to wear everything I bought immediately when I wore it, and now I have nothing new with tags in my wardrobe, which is a great result! :) I've kept implementing the rule everytime I buy something.

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! Our weekend started early with a day off yesterday for Australia day. Good way to end the week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I love the idea of shopping your wardrobe! ;) It's a great and creative challenge to get multiple wears out of clothing and accessories, without constantly buying new items! Hope you had a great Aussie Day yesterday, Mica! ;) XXX


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