Styling a black cat top

How cute is this top?  I couldn't resist! As you know by now, I love animals on clothing, shoes and accessories!  

I've already featured my tops with hummingbirds, chameleons and foxes! Cats were the next logical step for me as I do have two cats!

The outfit:

Top & necklace: Rockmans

Jeans: Rockmans

The shoes:

The earrings:

The bracelet:

The bag:

"I can't believe she bought a top with black cats on it and not ginger cats!! Rude!" 

Thank you for visiting my Daily Styling Diary!


  1. I demand more kitty pictures! :) I love the patterned top. I'm still waiting to find the perfect Vizzini top!

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila! Good luck finding the perfect Vizzini top! I'm on the hunt for a ginger cat one too! XXX

  2. Of course it would have pleased your muse much more with a ginger cat top but I think they are hard to find and besides black looks better on the red/pink top but please don't tell the muse.

    1. I definitely won't tell the muse!! Thanks so much, Fererra!


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