Styling a paisley dress

Paisley would have to be my absolute favourite pattern when it comes to fabric. I have many brightly coloured paisley items of clothing but I also have a black and white paisley dress that had been sitting in my wardrobe for a year and it still had the tags on it!

Well, this dress finally made its debut out into the world! I added a shaggy woollen vest and some accessories (of course!) and am wondering what took me so long to wear it! It really is great doing this daily styling challenge because I'm discovering hidden gems from my own wardrobe!

Dress from Autograph

Vest from Rockmans

The necklace:

Big W

The brooch:

Neko The Beckoner by Erstwilder.  I have become obesessed with Erstwilder brooches recently! I'm not in any way affiliated with Erstwilder and I'm not getting any freebies or anything, I just genuinely love their designs!

I especially love this brooch because it's a Japanese design! With the left paw up the manekineko (beckoning cat) is summoning for good fortune to come. With the right paw up, wealth is being summoned.

I wonder which paw my muse will raise...

The ring:

The bracelet:


The bag:


How cute is this double-sided bag?! Mum bought it for me in Hawaii!

"What am I going to wear tomorrow?"

Thank you for visiting my daily styling challenge!


  1. Another well put together outfit. I especially like the fact that you have used a dress this time as sometimes the use of tops and bottoms i.e. skirts or trousers doesn't give the same through look as a dress does. The bag is an excellent find especially from Hawaii. I must also say I was pleased to see your muse looking gorgeous as always.

    1. Thank you! I will pass on your kind words to my muse! XXX

  2. I really love your brooch. It is so cute!


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