Styling a patchwork print top

When it comes to choosing clothes and accessories, I love lots of different colours, patterns and textures.  Imagine my delight when I spied this top, which has my fave colours and patterns all mixed together in the one garment! 

Patchwork prints are not only gorgeous and interesting, they are so versatile! They can be paired with plain or patterned prints and worn with lots of different accessories. This time I chose to focus on red for my accessories.

The outfit:

Top from Rockmans
Skirt from Katies

The shoes:

Spend-less Shoes

The earrings:


The bracelet and ring:

Bracelet from New Zealand
Ring from Lovisa

The bag:

Bought in Kyoto, Japan

Do you like patchwork prints? What are your fave colours and patterns?

Thank you for visiting my Daily Styling Diary!


  1. I love your top, amazing colours! It looks great with your navy skirt 💜

  2. I like any print that has a bunch of good colours in it! "Good colours" for me are anything that I have shoes or jewelry or a top/bottom in - that gives me lots of variety.


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