Styling my new beaded turquoise necklace

Isn't this necklace awesome? When I first saw it I loved everything about it: the colour, the beads, the price and the chunky style! It is very me, so you'd think that would mean I would have no hesitations in buying it, right? Wrong! I had doubts like maybe it's a bit too bright, too chunky and too attention-grabbing.  

Maybe it's just because I've been doing an assignment all week on cognitive-behavioural therapy, but I know these superficial doubts reflect deeper doubts relating to self-confidence. Luckily my best mate was with me and encouraged me to buy it! 

Instead of sticking to a no-buy challenge, which is impossible for me because I love shopping, my new challenge is to wear what I want because I love it! No more negative thoughts like: maybe it'll draw too much attention to me or maybe I can't wear it because I'm not thin etc etc. I will wear what I want because it makes me happy! 

What we wear should be determined by what we love and not by our insecurities: that's the real daily challenge.  Ok! On to the clothes!!

The necklace:


The top:


The skirt:


The bracelets and ring:

Bracelets from Lovisa
Ring from Rockmans

The earrings:


The shoes:


Thank you for visiting my daily styling diary! 


  1. What a gorgeous necklace! Beautiful and bold. Are you sure your best friend isn't a bad influence haha!

    1. Or is it the other way around??!!😉Thank you! XXX

  2. It is soo true that you should wear what you like and what makes you feel happy. From your necklace choice I would think your friend has advised you wisely.

  3. Oooooo... I love a bit of turquoise Sasha!
    Perfect with grey and that pretty skirt.
    Such a great summer look.
    Thank you so much for linking up!!


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