Styling pink

I pretty much love every colour there is. Colours are beautiful, vibrant and bring joy to a sometimes dreary world.  Pink is a colour I love but rarely actually wear.  I love pink accessories but actually only own two items of pink clothing: the top and the skirt below!  The skirt is an oldie but still a goodie! The top is quite new but already a firm favourite.

The top:


The necklace:

Mala beads from Tree of Life

The skirt:

Suzanne Grae

The ring and bracelet:


The earrings:

The bag:


The shoes:


My last post featured colours inspired by nature's food: oranges and limes.  This post features a colour inspired by.......

Ice cream is a part of nature, right??!! ;)

What colours do you love but not really wear? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. You have chosen well with pink as I read in a magazine just the other day that pink is "pretty and feminine and is the colour of the moment - in all its glorious shades".


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