All Things: Paisley!

This week's All Things is about Paisley!

Paisley would have to be one of my favourite designs.  It's teardrop shape is instantly recognisable and this design has a long and fascinating history.  I found this article if you're interested in learning more! (Paisley: The story of a classic bohemian print)

I particularly love the way paisley was used in psychedelic prints in the 1960s: I would have loved to have been around then! Luckily, paisley is still around today: even if it is much more subdued! I think paisley will always be in fashion and even if it isn't, I'll always love it!  Here is my collection of: 

Paisley tops:


Just Jeans

Paisley skirts:



 Suzanne Grae



Paisley kimono:


Paisley dress:

Paisley print bags:

Tasa Jara


I can't believe I don't own any paisley print jewellery! I would love a necklace or a bangle or earrings or a brooch or (insert any accessory imaginable!)😉I'll definitely have to keep an eye out from now on!

Do you like paisley? Do you own many paisley prints?  Let me know!  I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX


  1. Hi, you certainly have a lovely collection of paisley prints. It is a timeless fashion and I'm sure your mood instantly lifts when wearing an outfit which includes paisley.

    1. Thanks so much, Fererra! That's so true! XXX

  2. That kimino is absolutely gorgeous and I'm thinking you would receive many compliments when you wear it. I'm also thinking maybe you should ask your Mum to buy some accessories from her travels!!!

  3. Paisley is a really outfit must have. Your collection is terrific. I like all of your tops and skirts and would find it difficult to choose my favourite.


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