Welcome to my brooch collection 2017!

My Erstwilder Brooch Collection

I only discovered brooches this year!  I have always loved accessories of every size, shape and colour, but for some reason had never considered brooches!  Earlier this year I was looking online for quirky and unique accessories and stumbled upon Erstwilder's website.  It was love at first sight! The designs and colours of these brooches are just fabulous! (This is not a sponsored post: I just love them!😉)

The first ever brooch I bought was the one below, which is part of Erstwilder's Nihon Journey collection.  I love it because it of course closely resembles Mt Fuji, which is one of my favourite places to visit in Japan. This brooch would become the first of many! 

Snow-Capped Splendour

Here is the rest of my Erstwilder Brooch Collection:


Cheery Cherry Blossom 

Neko The Beckoner

Rebellious Ronin

Tatsu The Terrifying Dragon

Bubblegum Pop Princess


Sammy The Sloth

Me and my twin: Sammy the Sloth!!  Can you tell us apart??😂😂

Oscar Wildenfox

Ula The Unicorn

Instant Karma Cat

Breton Kitty

 Club Life Dinosaur

 Echo Of The Ocean Dolphin

Flamboyant Flamingo Funk

Here are the other brooches in my collection: (all acquired this year!)

Handmade Owl Brooch (Japan), present from Mum

Owl brooch, present from Mum

Origami Cat by Melanie Augustin, present from one of my clients

Aqua Cat, handmade by Dom at Tattooed Zombie

I recently discovered a great little local business that sells the most adorable, quirky and unique clothing and accessories (like the kitty brooch above). I'll be featuring more things from there in future posts, because I bought myself a few fab Christmas presents from there! (Again, not a sponsored post: just happy to have found a great new local shop!😉)

So, as you can see 2017 has been the year of the brooch for me!😉 Do you have a favourite out of my collection?  Do you wear brooches?  Or did you discover a new accessory or clothing style this year?  Let me know!  I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX


  1. Wow!! What a wonderful collection of quirky brooches. Trying to pick a favorite would be hard for me but if Amber likes Neko The Beckoner I guess it would have to be a top one for me. Still I like the John Lennon inspired one, Instant Karma Cat. You have them in a nice variety of colors so they can be worn with many outfits. You've given me an idea for 2018 as I really don't have many brooches in my collection.

    1. Thanks so much, Flossie! I highly recommend adding more brooches to your collection in the new year! Happy New Year, Flossie! Thank you for your lovely comments this year. XXX

  2. I am positively drooling over your collection of Erstwilder brooches! As I'm having a difficult time chosing a favourite, I'm chosing a few: Oscar Wildenfox, Breton Kitty and the Flamboyant Flamingo! I'm also loving the sparkly owl and Origami Cat. As a fervent fan of brooches - I last counted them in October, when I had about 300 of them - I'm obviously loving this post and the fact that you have discovered the delight of brooches. A word of warning, though: they are so addictive. But I guess you already found that out ;-) xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! Brooches certainly are addictive, aren't they?! I just adore them! Wow! I would love to see all of your brooches, Ann! I love the ones I've seen so far on your blog: what a wonderful collection! Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my blog. Happy New Year! XXX

  3. Those Erstwilder brooches are really amazing - I love the Flamingo one. I've been semi-collecting brooches for years, and have about two dozen now, some vintage, some newer, most second-hand. This year, I've delved into neutrals more - it's been an evolution rather than a sudden thing, though.

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila! I love the flamingo one too! It's one of my most recent purchases! I love the brooches I've seen you wear on your blog too: especially the vintage ones! Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments this year, Sheila! Happy New Year! XXX

  4. Oh you have such a cool collection of brooches! It's impossible to pick a favourite as they are all so cute! I actually don't think I have any brooches, I know I used to, but couldn't tell you where they would be, haha! It's a shame as I love the idea of wearing them like a pendant on a necklace.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great week! It's hard to believe there are just a few days left in 2017! A happy new year to you, and thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog this year :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! Brooches really are so much fun to wear in different ways! Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments this year, Mica. I hope you have a very Happy 2018! XXX


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