Inside my wardrobe!

A sneak peak! 

Now that 2017 is almost over (can you believe it?!), I have started to sort through my wardrobe to see what will stay with me through to the new year and what will be culled mercilessly!!😂

This got me thinking not only about what will stay or go, but how I display/arrange/store my existing clothes and accessories.  I thought I would share some photos with you!

My dad made these great wooden displays for my necklaces to go on.  These are the necklaces that I wear most often.  There are (several!) boxes of necklaces stored under the bed too!  I sort through them every now and then and either swap them out with the ones on display or donate them.

I have two hooks on the back of my door to display the bags I use most often.  I also have a few crates under the bed full of bags!  

This tree shaped jewellery stand is great for displaying my sunglasses! I have little jewellery stands all around the house!  It's lucky my husband doesn't mind!😉

I actually bought this storage case in the sporting section at Kmart!  It's supposed to be a fish tackle box, but I thought the little separate compartments would be great for earrings (or rings!).  They had similar looking jewellery storage cases in the accessories section for more than double the price of the fish tackle boxes!  So, I ended up buying four fish tackle boxes!😜My husband gave me a funny look when he first saw them and thought I'd suddenly decided to take up fishing!!🐟😂😂

This is my special drawer of happiness!  This magical drawer contains all of my Erstwilder brooches!  I only started buying them this year, but already have quite a big collection!! 

All of my accessories are quite neatly arranged, displayed and stored.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said of my clothing!! 

The dream wardrobe:

The real wardrobe:

It is a cluttered disaster zone at the moment!  One of my missions for over the summer break is to sort through everything and set my wardrobe up neatly or donate what I don't wear!

What is your wardrobe like?  Is it neatly organised or a disaster zone?! Let me know!  I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting my blog! XXX


  1. My wardrobe is no where near as organized as yours is. I'm always planning to do a big clear out but for several reasons I never get around to doing anything. I'm too attached to most of my accessories as they all have stories of where I purchased them and for what reason. I guess I'll just muddle along until I feel inspired to do a clear out. I like what I can see of your things and those Erstwilder brooches are gorgeous.

  2. What an excellent idea it was to purchase the tackle boxes. Thanks for that idea. You have lots of nice accessories so it must be a bit of a dilemma as to which ones to wear with your outfits. Good luck in sorting out your favorites but you can always store them under your bed and swap them around as you said you do.

  3. I do love a peek inside people's wardrobe and yours is no exception! I'm especially in awe of how you store your accessories. I love your magical drawer of Erstwilder brooches! I try to be organized - people say it's my middle name! - but I admit that I've got so much stuff that it's not always as neat as it could be. Having a good cull from time to time is a good idea. I got rid of some of my unworn dresses last weekend by giving them away to two of my girlfriends! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I'm glad you like my magical drawer! ;) I bet your friends were happy to get your dresses! Lucky ladies! :) XXX


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